Intel Core i5 10400F specifications and leaks!

The successor to the popular i5 9400f is coming soon!

With all the recent leaks for the Intel 10th gen processors, there is news that we will get up to 26 different models for the desktop 10th gen processors. This also means that we are bound to see updates to previously launched processors which were without internal graphics modules.

The F series from Intel did precisely the same. The Core i5 9400f was the most popular amongst the lot. Now there are rumours that its successor would pack in even more heat in a similar package.

If nothing else, Intel will officially release the 10th-generation desktop Core processor code-named Comet Lake-S at CES 2020. Recently, the leaks have also started peaking, with endless models and specifications.

A few days ago we saw a suspected official slide showing that there will be up to 26 different models of the 10th generation Core desktop version, covering all sequences from Core i9 to Celeron. The thermal design power is divided into 125W, 65W, 35W. Most of the new processor support hyper-threading and there’s an increase in the number of cores and L3 cache capacity.

In terms of specific models, i3-10100, i3-10300, i5-10600, i5-10600T, etc. have already appeared one after another, and three new products have appeared today.

core i5 10400f leak apisak
Leaked by popular leaker Tum Apisak on Twitter!

The most eye-catching will be the Core i5-10400F. This is the first time to see the 10th generation of the F-series non-igpu display version. It is also the successor of the superstar i5-9400F.

The 3DMark test results show that the i5-10400F is still 6-core, but it will have 12 threads now. But the change in frequency is a bit strange. The reference base frequency remains unchanged at 2.9GHz. But the maximum Turbo Boost speed has been reduced from 4.1GHz to 4.0GHz.

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intel core i5 10400f specifications

Considering that the exact model has been identified, and the frequency should not be wrong, then the frequency reduction is a bit unreasonable.

At the same time, there are expected to be two 35W T series energy-saving versions, one is i3-10100T, 4 cores and 8 threads, the reference base frequency is 3.0GHz, the boost frequency is up to 3.8GHz. And the other is i5-10400T, 6 cores and 12 threads. The base frequency for this one is 2.0 GHz, turbo frequency for it is unknown.

Another energy-saving version of the i5-10600T, once again confirms that the reference frequency is 2.4 GHz, and Turbo Boost is 4.0 GHz, of course, 6 cores and 12 threads.

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Intel Core i5 10400F specifications and leaks!

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