Intel Core i5 13490F And Core i7 13790F CPU Leaked Online!

13th Generation Raptor Lake Processor Black Box Model For Chinese Users shows up online!

Last year, Intel launched a special model the Core i5-12490F for Chinese mainland users. It was equivalent to the enhanced version of the Core i5 12400F, which was more powerful and cost-effective, especially suitable for gamers. It had a “black skin” that was only available in the Extreme processor before.

intel core i5 12490f
Source: Intel

The 12th-generation processor is still very competitive even today after the launch of Intel’s 13th-generation Raptor Lake family. Intel might continue the tradition of “Chinese Special Edition”. It is expected that Intel is going to launch two new 13th-generation Core “black box” models in the near future.

The leaked Intel documents suggest that the Intel Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F are very competitive, but they have not yet appeared in the Intel ARK database

Intel Document
Image Credit: Intel

It appears that the Core i5-13490F is the successor to the i5-12490F, while the i7-13790F is a completely new product. The Core i5-13490F and Core i7-13790F seemed to be positioned as F-series chips, which also means that they will not have integrated graphics.

So a discrete graphics card will be required in order to use these processors. Chinese Internet User @wxnod shared screenshots of the specifications of the Core i5-13490F processor on Twitter. The i5-13490F seems to have gone through major improvement with increased clocks and more cache.

i5-13490F cpu z 1
Intel Core i5-13490F specification, Credit: @wnxod

According to the screenshot, the Core i5-13490F features 6 Performance cores and 4 Efficiency cores. The full configuration is a 10-core 16-thread configuration, which is just like the Core i5-13400F configuration. The performance of the i5-13490F can almost match the level of the previous generation Core i5-12600K.

Intel Core i5-13490F vs. i5-13400F, Image Credit: @wnxod and NotebookCheck

The new Intel Core i5 13490F will come with four efficiency cores and six performance cores. Hence the biggest difference between this model and the last generation would be the addition of the four efficiency cores. If we take a closer look at the CPU-Z data then it’s visible that the chip has a turbo boost frequency of 4.8Ghz, which is 5 MHz higher than the Core i5 12490F and 200 higher than the Core 13400. This difference in clock speeds puts it at the same level as the Core i5 13500. 

In addition to this, the L3 Cache is now 24MB, hence an additional 4MB is present on this SKU. The L2 cache is the same as before at a capacity of 9.5MB.

It is worth noting that the L3 cache of Core i5 12490F is also 4MB more compared to i5-12400F, which is similar to Intel Core i7-13700F.

The Intel Core i5-13490F scored 779.7 points in the single-core test and 6,834.5 points in the multi-core test. Compared to this, the Intel Core i5-13400F scored 729.1 and 6540 points in the single-core and multi-core tests, respectively.

This means that the single-core performance of the Intel Core i5 13490F is almost 6.9% higher than the Core i5 13400F. And 11.4% higher than the i5-12490F, and the multi-core performance is 4.5% higher than the Core i5 13400F and 46.9% higher than the Intel Core i5 12490F.

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Intel Core i5 13490F And Core i7 13790F CPU Leaked Online!

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