Intel Core i7 9750H Benchmarks and Performance Out Now!

Just an iterative upgrade, or is there any actual performance difference from the 8750H?

The Intel Core i7 8750H was extensively used in the last generation of gaming notebooks. It was the go-to processor for any high-end gaming notebook.

Now Intel has come up with its latest ninth gen offering. The Core i7 9750H! Now from some online sources, the Intel Core i7 9750H benchmarks and performance numbers are completely out and we have a better idea of how this processor performs.

Intel Core i7 9750H: What has changed?

A few weeks ago, Intel announced the launch of a brand-new product on April 23. The ninth-generation Intel Core processor, and a number of high-performance notebooks are equipped with the ninth generation. Most of these manufacturers have chosen the i7-9750H for better in-game performance.

intel core i7 9750h aida64

Intel’s core architecture has not changed much. The i7-9750H processor uses the Coffee Lake-H Refresh architecture. The manufacturing process is the same as that of the i7-8750H. The core count is still 6 cores/12 threads, and the TDP is 45W.

The Intel i7-9750H processor has a base frequency of 2.6GHz and a maximum core frequency of 4.5GHz. The eighth-generation i7-8750H processor had a base frequency of 2.2 GHz and a maximum core frequency of 4.1 GHz. With Intel’s continuous efforts, the 14nm i7-9750H has “squeezed” out an additional 400MHz frequency compared to the i7-8750H.

Another difference between the Intel i7-9750H and the i7-8750H is the L3 cache. We can see through CPU-Z that the Intel i7-9750H L1 cache is 64KB, the L2 cache is 256KB, and the L3 cache is 12MB. When compared to the i7-8750H, i7-9750H’s  L3 cache has increased by 3MB. Basically reaching the level of a desktop processor.

In addition to the L3 cache and the upgrade in the main frequency, we see that the i7-9750H and i7-8750H are both equipped with Intel UHD 630 graphics. But the i7-9750H’s unit is clocked 50MHz higher than the i7-8750H.

Intel Core i7 9750H benchmarks and performance

core i7 9750h benchmark cpuz

In the benchmark test of the CPU-Z app, the i7-9750H single-core test score is 508 points, and the multi-core test score is 3580 points. While the i7-8750H single-core score was 460 points and the multi-core score was 3365 points.

We can see that the i7-9750H has a 10.4% improvement in single-core performance compared to the i7-8750H, while multicore performance has increased by 6.4%. Relatively speaking, the Intel Core i7-9750H is more powerful than the previous generation.

But the performance improvement isn’t too drastic. Will the pricing of newer laptops with the Core i7 9750H be really lucrative? Or will Intel increase prices with just a minuscule performance bump? Do let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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Intel Core i7 9750H Benchmarks and Performance Out Now!

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