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Intel Core i9 10900 specifications and price, leaked online!

intel core i9 10900u specifications leaks

Recently, some tech media have leaked a group of 10th-generation Intel Core i9-10900 10-core processor and LGA1200 motherboard pictures.

intel core i9 10900 leaked

From the pictures of this leak, it seems that it is an engineering sample of Intel Core i9 10900. It uses the new LGA 1200-pin socket. The TDP rated power is 65W and it uses 10-core and 20-thread design. The sample is printed with 2.5GHz (while online sources suggest it will be 2.8 GHz). The second picture is the scene when the i9-10900 is installed in the LGA1200 slot.

Several online sources informed that according to the Comet Lake-S architecture diagram published earlier on the Internet, Comet Lake-S has the functions of many previous-generation processors, which is basically an extended version of Coffee Lake. The parameters of the Core i9 10900K are much better than Core i9 10900. The basic frequency of the former is 3.7 GHz, and the single-core turbo frequency can reach 5.1GHz.

We know that this Comet Lake S CPU has a maximum of 10 cores, which is more than the 8 cores of the previous i9-9900KS. It also supports the new generation of WiFi 6 wireless technology. In a multi-threaded scenario, Comet Lake-S manufactured with a 14nm ++ process can run 18% faster than the previous version.

All of these improvements point towards a much better processor. But the sad thing about this new generation is the fact that it’s still stuck on the 14nm process. Intel seriously needs to improve on that front as well as rival AMD has crushed Intel’s back with their consistent 7nm products!

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