Intel Core i9 14900KF Processor Shows Up on Geekbench

It has 24 cores and 32 threads with a 6 GHz frequency

Reports suggest that Intel’s forthcoming Raptor Lake Refresh flagship CPU, the i9-14900K, will boast 8 P cores and 16 E cores, amounting to 24 cores and 32 threads in total.

The KF variant of the Intel Core i9 14900KF processor has surfaced on the Geekbench benchmarking platform, achieving a maximum frequency of 6 GHz via Thermal Velocity Boost technology.

intel core i9 14900kf geekbench

The testing was conducted on an ASRock Z790 Taichi motherboard, paired with 32GB DDR5-7000 memory. Results indicate a single-core score ranging from 3322 to 3347 points, and a multi-core score spanning 22895 to 23051 points.

Additionally, a Geekbench 5 result revealed a single-core performance score of 2412 points and a multi-core performance score of 26972 points. In summary, the Core i9-14900KF demonstrates approximately 5-6% better multi-threaded performance compared to the i9-13900K, along with a minimum 12% improvement in single-core performance.

A blogger named Yuki Ansui-YuuKi_AnS recently disclosed the model of Intel’s impending Core 14th generation desktop processor.

intel 14th gen desktop raptorlake leaks

According to sources, the depicted Core 14th generation desktop processor might differ from the final version, as it’s based on a QS sample.

The Core i5-14400 could potentially come in both B0 (6 large cores + 4 small cores) and C0 (8 small cores) versions.  

intel core i9 14900k leaks 2
Source: VideoCardz


Overall, the Core 14th generation desktop processor appears to be a frequency-enhanced iteration of the 13th generation. Notably, the Core 14th generation i7 model now features 4 additional small cores.

Furthermore, a new entry – the Intel 300/300T – has replaced the Pentium Celeron in the Core 14th generation lineup; it offers dual-core and quad-thread capabilities.

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Intel Core i9 14900KF Processor Shows Up on Geekbench

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