Intel Core Ultra 5 238V Processor Leaks with 32GB Memory

Intel unveils the Core Ultra 5 238V processor with 32GB memory, part of the advanced Lunar Lake-V series, promising enhanced performance.

Intel Core Ultra 5 238V Processor Emerges, Equipped with 32GB RAM

On May 16, 2024, details about Intel’s new processor, the Core Ultra 5 238V, were revealed. This processor, a part of the Lunar Lake-V series, has been configured with 32GB of LPDDR5X RAM, enhancing its performance capabilities significantly.

The Core Ultra 5 238V processor features an 8-core, 8-thread setup with a base clock speed of 2.1GHz. Its main distinction from the previously introduced Core Ultra 5 234V is the increased RAM, moving up from 16GB to 32 GB.

intel core ultra 5 238v processors

This development aligns with Intel’s strategy to offer diverse configurations within its processor lineups, catering to different user needs for speed and multitasking capabilities.

The processor is part of Intel’s continued innovation within its Lunar Lake platform, which includes a variety of processors designed to meet the varying demands of modern computing tasks.

intel lunar lake leaks

These processors are noted for their integration of memory and L3 cache size variations, optimizing performance for both general and intensive computing.

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Intel Core Ultra 5 238V Processor Leaks with 32GB Memory

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