Intel showcases full core 5 Ghz i9-9900KS and other game changing tech!

Intel says the new 10nm Core AI performance has increased by 8.8 times!

The annual Taipei Computer Show is underway, and the big players are gearing up. Intel’s Gregory Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the client computing division, delivered a detailed speech today at 2019 Taipei International Computer Opening Ceremony detailing Intel’s leading performance and new experience.

intel keynote may 28 gregory bryant

There will be two heavyweight products on the processor side, one based on the 10nm process, the new Core Mobile notebook processor code-named Ice Lake, which will also be Intel’s first mass-produced 10nm processor while integrating the new Sunny Cove CPU Architecture, 11th generation core graphics architecture.

“For every order of magnitude performance potential of new hardware architecture, there are two orders of magnitude performance enabled by software. Intel has more than 15,000 software engineers working to optimize workloads and unlock the performance of Intel processors,”

said Raja Koduri, chief architect and senior vice president of Intel Architecture, Software and Graphics.

Below are examples of the performance boost to real-world workloads for this new data-centric era:

Ice Lake providing mobile graphics boost: As unveiled early this month during Intel’s Investor Meeting, the company will begin shipping its first volume 10nm processor, a mobile PC product code-named “Ice Lake”. Intel’s new Gen11 graphics engine in Ice Lake is enabling the industry’s first integrated GPU to incorporate variable rate shading capability by applying variable processing power to different areas of the scene to improve rendering performance. In addition, across a number of popular games, including CS:GO*, Rainbow Six Siege* and Total War: Three Kingdoms*, Gen 11 graphics are expected to nearly double the performance compared to Intel Gen 9 graphics for stunning visual experiences on the go.

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Intel has announced at the investor conference earlier this month that it will deliver 10nm Ice Lake processors in volume from June. The built-in 11th generation will be the industry’s first integrated support for Variable Rate Shading. The GPU applies variable processing power to different areas of the scene to improve rendering performance.

In addition to demonstrating that Ice Lake can accelerate the daily work of image deblurring and video stylization, Intel also demonstrated how DL Boost can bring 8.8 times higher than other similar products on the market. AI reasoning performance has improved a lot now.

Heterogeneous computing architectures bring intelligent performance: Intel is realizing the benefits of heterogeneous computing for both client and data centre in current products through its architectural design and I/O innovations. Ice Lake is a new highly-integrated platform for laptops, combining the new “Sunny Cove” core architecture and the new Gen11 graphics architecture with both Thunderbolt™ 3 and Intel® Wi-Fi 6 (Gig+) integrated for the first time, providing best-in-class connectivity. This will also be Intel’s first processor designed to enable artificial intelligence (AI) for PC – leading with Intel® Deep Learning Boost (DL Boost) on the CPU, as well as AI instructions on the GPU and low power accelerators – to usher in a new era of intelligent performance for PCs. On top of showing Ice Lake accelerating the workloads that people do every day, such as image deblur and stylizing videos, the company also demonstrated how Intel DL Boost can offer up to 8.8 times higher peak AI inference throughput than other comparable products on the market, as measured by AIXPRT.

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For data-centric platforms, the 2nd-Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors are the only processors with built-in Intel DL Boost AI accelerators, combining vector neural network instructions and deep learning software optimizations. With Intel DL Boost, 2nd-Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors accelerate AI inference workloads including image-recognition, object-detection and image-segmentation by up to 14 times4 when compared to the previous generation Intel Xeon Scalable processor.

Compared with one of the commonly used GPUs in the market now, 2nd-Generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors provide up to 2.4 times performance on a recommendation system, one of the most popular AI workloads in the cloud today that accounts for over 60 per cent of data centre inference.

New special edition desktop gaming processor:  Intel previewed the 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900KS special edition processor, the first to feature all 8 cores running at a turbo frequency of 5.0 GHz, making the world’s best gaming desktop processor even better.

In contrast, the current mainstream flagship i9-9900K can only achieve a single core frequency up to 5GHz.

Intel also showcased how the company is optimizing ultimate real-world performance on the most popular games running on Intel processors with both hardware and software innovations. Through the years, Intel has optimized hundreds of games by working with hundreds of thousands of game developers.

In the data center space, Cascade Lake’s second-generation scalable Xeon processor is the only processor family with built-in Intel DL Boost AI accelerator, combined with vector neural network instructions and deep learning software optimization, compared to the previous generation. For AI reasoning workloads such as image recognition, target detection, and image segmentation, the workload is increased by 14 times. Compared with the GPUs currently used in the market, the second generation can be extended to strong to improve the performance of the recommended system by 2.4 times.

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So guys what do you think? Is Intel on the right path right now? Do they have it in them to beat the Team Red and the challenge of 3rd gen Ryzen? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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Intel showcases full core 5 Ghz i9-9900KS and other game changing tech!

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