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Intel Lunar Lake iGPU Leaks: Unleashing the Power of 64 Battlemage Xe2 Execution Units

intel core i5 new generation leaks

News on August 1: The online source Bionic_Squash revealed Intel’s upcoming Lunar Lake internal GPU display specifications, expected to launch after Arrow Lake.

Reportedly, Intel Lunar Lake iGPU will be based on the Battlemage ‘Xe2’ architecture, supporting up to 64 EU, which is lower than Meteor Lake’s 128 EU.

Intel is planning to launch Lunar Lake in 2024 or 2025, using Intel’s 18A process node.

According to previous reports from MLID, the P core in Lunar Lake is expected to be based on the Lion Cove+ core, while the E core will be based on the Skymont core.

Lunar Lake’s iGPUs will utilize the Alchemist-next architecture code-named “Battlemage,” featuring up to 64 Xe 2 execution units (EUs).

Lunar Lake will move to SIMD16 like Ponte Vecchio due to Battlemage, with each Xe-Core containing 8 vector engines (EUs), unlike the 16 in Alchemist Arc, making the number of Xe-Cores remain at 8.

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