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Intel Rocket Lake and new GPU releases leaked via driver leak!

Are these the next offerings from Intel’s stable?


Intel wants to make a dent in the high-performance discrete graphics card segment really badly. It’s no secret that they have been hard at work building a new graphics card to compete with the likes of Nvidia and AMD. In addition to the product strategy mentioned repeatedly, the Odyssey community has also been established to collect player ideas. Recently, the AnandTech Forum revealed that Intel’s recently released graphics driver shows details of four upcoming discrete graphics cards and possible display configurations for the Intel Rocket Lake processor, which has now been removed.

Intel is one of the world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers, and it expects to launch its next-generation high-performance discrete graphics card, XE, back into the market in 2020 to compete with Nvidia and AMD in the mid-end and enthusiast market. Intel’s discrete graphics will be manufactured on a 10-nanometer process.

intel leaked driver page
The driver has been deleted now!

Intel’s official website has a short version of the beta version of the v26.20.16.9999 test GPU driver, a lot of intriguing code and characters appear in the compiled file.

intel leaked driver rocket lake code
Source: Tom’s Hardware

The first is RKL, the Intel Rocket Lake processor, the successor to Comet Lake (CML). According to Intel’s latest roadmap, Rocket Lake is expected to be available in mid-2020.

Graphics in the Rocket Lake

Again, the focus of this article, DG1 and DG2, according to reports, or on behalf of Discrete Graphics, as for the numbers below, guess the number of execution units. The DG1 and DG2 products carry the LP and HP logos, respectively. These acronyms may represent low power and high power, which may be the way Intel distinguishes high-end products from low-end products. The number may represent the number of units of execution (EU) for each product. In this case, the DG2 series has a maximum of three members, each with 128, 256 and 512 EU. From the perspective of the number of EUs, DG2 products may be targeted at mid-range products.

Source: Tom's Hardware
Source: Tom’s Hardware

Rocket Lake’s integrated graphics solution is said to be available in GT0, GT0.5 and GT1 configurations. This is a preliminary list, so GT2 variants may appear later. With different codes, we can see that the GT0 and GT0.5 variants have 16 EUs, while the higher GT1 variants have up to 32 EUs. Obviously, GT1 will also have a Pro variant.

So guys what do you think? Is Intel going to dominate both the CPU and GPU market next year? Only time can answer this question! Do let us know what you think in the comments section below! Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter and push notifications for more timely content like this delivered daily to you!

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