Intel XE graphics card leaked online! First look and more!

Here’s our first look at the upcoming graphics card from Intel!

Today, Intel China’s official Weibo account posted the first look of Intel codename “Xe” discrete graphics card. The detailed video had a full-fledged 3d render of what the card’s design would look like. It’s a rather interesting design 

intel xe graphics card weibo post

Intel China officials posted online, how to understand the value of a graphics card? In terms of GPUS: The core frequency = speed of eating, Memory capacity = size of the bowl, memory width = size of the person’s mouth. By using this analogy they stated that if you want to find the right GPU you need something which takes into account all of these parameters. They will launch a discrete graphics card codenamed “Xe” in 2020, and it would be revolutionary!

Intel XE graphics card design details

intel xe graphics card first look inspire2rise

According to Intel’s official video, the “Xe” discrete graphics card is designed with silver main colour and has blue lighting. The graphics card uses two cooling fans and a Xe logo in the middle. It is powered by dual 8pin connectors and has an HDMI interface and three DP interfaces. Currently, there is only the detailed information about the appearance of this graphics card.

intel xe graphics card first look side profile

There’s no word on the internals or performance for the Intel Xe graphics card. It’s been posted time and again that the discrete graphics card codenamed Intel “Xe” will be launched in 2020.

intel xe gpu backplate first look

So guys what do you think about this upcoming graphics card? Would it be a great product from Intel which has never had much success with GPUs?

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Intel XE graphics card leaked online! First look and more!

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