Intel’s Skylake family of processors, 6th gen is fastest ever

Intel 6th generation skylake family of processors
Intel’s 6th generation Skylake family of processors

At a recent Intel event, the company representatives opened up a little bit more about 6th Generation Processor, Skylake. If we go by the initial impression, these new intel chips i.e. the Skylake family of processors will offer 2.5x better productivity along with 3x better long battery life and 30x better 3D graphics as compared to notebooks which are 5 years old.

Salient features of Intel’s 6th Generation Skylake family of processors:

The new power packed chipset has main features which include a better user-friendly interface, built-in game recording and voice command response which is always on. The makers have also improved the waking up from sleep feature in this new version, 6th generation wakes up within half a second which is a great relief from the slow waking process. 6th gen will also provide you with wireless display and Direct X12 framework for gaming.

Skylake will be specially tweaked to get along with latest Windows 10. It will be available with various devices and the entire new range has 48 processors in total to go along with Core i7-6700-K. Also, Core i7-6700K and i5-6600 K will attract many gaming fans as they have been specially designed for them. One of the coolest features is that i7-6700K is intelligent enough to speed up itself automatically to 4.2GHz in Turbo mode.

Some of the main features of Skylake include setting up a new benchmark with improvised sleek designs and starting up after sleep within half a second. Skylake has been optimized to be more suitable to Windows 10 which also removes pain areas of computing and helps in giving more secure computing experience. The range of implementation of Skylake is pretty great it covers almost all computer sticks, All in one desktop, 2 in 1 notebooks and Intel Xeon, which is the first ever Intel processor for mobile workstations.

The new Skylake also enables a broad range of design to fit snugly around it. Intel Core M Processors which offer 2X performance will also include brands like Core m3, m5 and m7. This would help consumers with more clarity and they can also make better choices which can suit their need. Skylake also helps in synchronizing Cortana and other notification features for smooth working. It will also help in enabling facial recognition and deliver a secure method to log into devices, without any need to remember passwords.

Skylake would also be available with Lenovo, Asus and Toshiba devices. Other manufacturers like HP, Lenovo, Dell will soon have devices running on this swanky chipset and made available to consumers.

Here’s the official coverage on Intel’s own blog.

We are pretty pumped up about this processor launch, we hope you are too as this is going to change the face of computing, gaming and pretty much everything by a huge degree!

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Intel’s Skylake family of processors, 6th gen is fastest ever

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