iOS 13 adds “Slow charge” charging optimization feature!

Make your iPhone charge slower and last longer fellas!

The iPhone’s battery health became a hot topic in 2018 after Apple was found to quietly limit the performance of iOS devices after their batteries got old in order to maximize battery life.

Apple released an iOS 11 software update to respond to users’ concerns about the battery health of their device. This was done by introducing a battery health feature that provides more information about the device’s battery status. In iOS 13, Apple has added a new feature called “Optimized Battery Charging” for battery health, designed to extend the life of iOS 13 devices from the charging method. Specifically, iOS 13 records the charging habits by learning user behaviours. As the usage time increases, the accuracy will continue to increase. So using this feature the iPhone’s lithium battery will be in a healthy state for a longer period of time.

ios 13 slow charging feature

The “optimized battery charging” mode of operation is very helpful for the maintenance of lithium batteries in actual use. When sleeping at night, the device may limit the charging to 80%, and the remaining 20% ??will be filled in an hour before the user wakes up. This reduces the battery’s long-term power-down state, keeping the iPhone in optimal battery health and thereby extending battery life. 

To enable it:

Go to “Settings” – “Battery”, touch “Battery Health” and turn on “Optimize Battery Charging”.

When this feature is enabled, you will find that when the iPhone is idle, after charging to 80% it will enter a slow charging state. It feels like it is no longer charging. In fact, the slow charging has been switched on at this time. If there is a high-temperature problem, the system has a chance to stop charging at 80% charge.

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If the user wakes at 8 o’clock in the morning and starts using the mobile phone. Then the system will start to charge quickly at the beginning. When the power reaches 80%, it will enter the slow charging state, and adjust the charging power in real-time according to the time you use the mobile phone (in this case 8 am) to complete the charging before then.

In the previous iOS 13 beta, the optimized battery charging feature was disabled by default. This shows that Apple is not confident enough about this feature. Of course, after a while, if the test goes well, it is not surprising that Apple has set it as the default setting – provided that iOS 13 clearly understands the user’s usage patterns and habits.

iPhone battery health suggestions

Beyond that, in fact, the iPhone is fully designed to protect the health of the battery, so there is no need to do too much in normal use. However, here are some other suggestions that may help keep your iPhone battery in optimal condition for as long as possible.

• Avoid excessive temperatures: For example, charging a mobile phone in a very hot car is a bad idea.

• Try not to completely discharge your battery: if possible, keep it at around 20% to help extend life. If you plan to leave your phone idle for a week or more, it’s best to run out of battery and turn it off completely.

• Do not leave the battery charged while storing even if you turn on battery charging optimization.

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iOS 13 adds “Slow charge” charging optimization feature!

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