Apple’s iPhone 15 Series Runs Into Low CMOS Production Issues!

Apple’s iPhone 15 series CMOS production capacity is proving to be insufficient, and it’s reported that Sony has placed additional orders with TSMC

On June 13th, reported that Sony has increased its order for hue filter films from TSMC’s Caiyu due to inadequate production capacity in the rear-end of its own image sensors.

The industry news suggests that Sony will carry out wafer reorganization in adjacent areas after making this purchase, and Tongxin Electronics, which has the largest production capacity in the local area, is expected to take over the reorganization process. However, Tongxin Electronics has declined to comment on this matter.

As per the supply chain, the demand for Sony’s image sensors will significantly increase as the new generation of Apple iPhone (iPhone 15 series) is expected to be fully upgraded to a 48-megapixel primary camera lens. This demand surge, coupled with the increase in sensor size, has led to Sony’s own production capacity being stretched thin.

Therefore, Sony is interested in expanding the back-end process to peripheral suppliers, after handing over the pixel layer order to TSMC for the first time last year. Industry forecasts suggest that since Sony’s latest mobile phone sensor uses stacking technology, its structure has been upgraded from the previous two layers to three layers, which requires more complicated manufacturing processes and procedures.

Hence, Sony will adopt a “dual-track parallel” strategy, focusing on expanding the front-end production capacity while expanding cooperation with TSMC. TSMC will assist in the production of photodiodes and logic layers, and then hand over the back-end production capacity to Caiyu and Tongxin Electronics.

Editor’s note: Most of Sony’s latest mobile phone CMOS sensors currently use stacked technology, which stacks photodiodes and amplifier circuits in structure. This structure effectively improves the sensitivity to light and signal-to-noise ratio, while significantly reducing image noise.

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Apple’s iPhone 15 Series Runs Into Low CMOS Production Issues!

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