iPhone 8 Rumours Roundup: Everything We Know about the Next iPhone so far

Apple fans are eagerly waiting for September. In the present scenario, people anticipate Apple to launch their next iPhone in the same month.
If you are such a person, it will be good to get a hint about what you are waiting for. We have crafted this post with the exact same aim in mind, to help you realise what is coming.
So, without further ado, let’s get started.

iPhone 8 Rumors Roundup – 8 Things We Know about the Next iPhone

Here we begin! I am using the words, speculation, rumour, leak, etc. because none of the details got an official confirmation yet and most are just hits and misses that other publications or technology leakers have got their hands on till now!
• Three Models
The speculations suggest that there will be three models: 7S, 7S Plus and the most premium 8. If you want a handy phone, iPhone 7S can satisfy you with its smaller 4.7 inch screen. But the 8 is expected to come with an all glass and stainless steel design!
• Bezel-Less
Bezel-less display has been trending ever since the launch of Xiaomi Mi Mix. According to the rumours, Apple is also heading towards the same pathway. Samsung Galaxy S8 has been rumoured to go the same path in the initial leaks. They will remove bezels from all around the display on the next phone. Moreover, you may not be able to get physical home button as well on the newest iPhone.
• Dual-Lens Camera
Similar to what we see with bezel-less displays, dual camera setup is trending too. The higher variants of next iPhone will be getting a dual lens camera where the lower 7S variant will not have it.
• No Headphone Jack
Many users hate apple for omitting the headphone jack on the iPhone 7. The leaks say the company is all set to follow the same strategy with the next iPhone as well. So, be ready to lose your air-pods.
• OLED Screen
Until a few weeks ago, leakers stated that only the premium variant will be getting the OLED panel. After the recent news of Apple sealing a billion dollar deal for OLED panels with Samsung came out, techies changed their opinion; most probably all three variants will sport an OLED screen.
• Wireless Charging
If you are a person, who wants wireless charging and you don’t buy an iPhone for the lack of it, you can relax now. The next set of iPhone will most probably have the support for wireless charging. As a huge number of recent patents and other developments point towards it.
• Facial Recognition
Even though the authenticity of this rumour isn’t verified, I would like to see facial recognition technology on the next iPhone especially if the price goes crazily high. Even if the facial recognition won’t be there, we can expect some sort of gesture recognition with the help of laser sensors.
• More than $1000 price for the Premium Variant
According to the rumours, speculations and leaks, the most premium variant of the next iPhone, (iPhone 8) will cost more than $1000. Yeah, that’s too much. Still, there will be many in queue to buy the device. Considering the price, I am expecting Apple to come up with a bunch of innovative features.
Wrapping Up:
So, that’s pretty much everything we know about the next iPhone/iPhones so far.
What do you think about the specs? Do you see any innovative feature here? Is there anything you want to see Apple implement on the new iPhone? Let’s discuss in the comment section below.

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iPhone 8 Rumours Roundup: Everything We Know about the Next iPhone so far

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