Jabra launches the Biz 1100 headset in India, specifications and price

Jabra has been strengthening its audio portfolio in India since quite a long time. Today marked the launch of another one of Jabra’s new audio products. If you remember we did a review for one of the bluetooth headsets by Jabra a long time ago. Let’s do a brief recap:

Today Jabra announced the Biz 1100 in two variants, the Biz 1100 Duo and the Biz 1100 Mono.

The key features of this product are:

  • It has a tough design which allows for all day use and overall better durability.
  • It has an affordable entry-level model for contact centers.
  • One of the most required features is noise cancellation. It comes with professional level noise cancellation for extremely noisy conditions.

Jabra has also launched a new e-commerce portal in India so that they can provide their state of the art headsets and consumer grade products to every corner of India.

If we discuss more about the duo and mono, the differences lie between the headset cups available in both of the products and hence the duo is slightly pricier than the mono headset.

Biz 1100 specifications and features: The Biz 1100 is a professional corded headset specifically designed for call centers in India.

The Biz 1100 features a tough design and a 270 degree spin boom arm which can easily be rotated without any risk of breakage.

The product also has mono and stereo variants and there are USB as well as QD versions also. The USB versions come with an intuitive control unit for better call control. There’s the integrated PeakStopTM technology which protects against unexpected spikes in sound.

jabra Biz 1100 mono and duo

The product features ear cushions and works with computers and telephones.

The Jabra Biz 1100 QD models come with 95cm cord length while the USB versions come with 190cm cord length.

30mW is the max input power of the speakers present in the product and the frequency range varies from 20hz to 4.5kHz.

The pricing for the product would be from $50 to $65 excluding GST and final price might vary according to market conditions. So the pricing can be expected to range from INR 3500 to 4500 with 18% GST excluded, so final pricing can be expected to be around INR 4130 to INR 5310. Even at this inflated price it’s a very competitive product considering the amount of features and noise cancellation that it offers.

The portal www.jabra.in will be accessible in the next 45 days for shipping across India. The products will be shipped by Jabra connect in Indiaand would include the complete portfolio of Jabra products including Enterprise and Consumer products.

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Jabra launches the Biz 1100 headset in India, specifications and price

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