Japan’s Bid for TSMC’s Third Factory in Kumamoto

Kumamoto Prefecture seeks to host TSMC’s third chip factory, boosting local employment and economic growth.

Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan is striving to attract TSMC to establish its third semiconductor factory in the region.

The new prefectural governor, Takashi Kimura, has announced his readiness to garner extensive support to persuade TSMC to initiate this project locally.

Despite TSMC considering this location for their new wafer factory aimed at producing more advanced chips, formal negotiations with local authorities have not yet commenced.

Governor Kimura expressed a strong commitment to fully support TSMC’s potential new facility and aims to develop Kumamoto Prefecture as a hub for the semiconductor industry.

Earlier reports indicated that TSMC had already started operations in its first factory in Japan, with expectations to begin mass production later this year.

The construction of TSMC’s second factory in Japan is also underway, supported by local government subsidies, and is expected to commence by the end of 2024.

These developments are likely to employ over 3,400 people and have already led to significant investments in land and infrastructure in the region.

The Kyushu Economic Research Center estimates that these projects could inject approximately 10.5 trillion yen into Kumamoto Prefecture’s economy over the next decade.

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Japan’s Bid for TSMC’s Third Factory in Kumamoto

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