Synchronicity and the Law of attraction


The Law of attraction and Synchronicity.
Have you ever noticed that when you are late for office or school all of the pathways suddenly get blocked, you get stuck in a traffic jam, your bus gets delayed, all the lights turn red and “FROGS” start raining from the skies.
Well albeit the last one isn’t true but nonetheless it all happens maybe not in the same chronological order but it does happen.

This is the “Law of Attraction” as stated by Rhonda Bryne in her classic book “The secret”.

law of attraction and synchronicity


Similarly, synchronicity is the power of meaningful coincidence.
Suppose you are getting late for your office ( again I am using the same example, Oh I am so much used to getting late! ) this time you meet an old man in the way and stop to help him and after sometime you get a call from the office that there has been an accident and your room’s a.c had caught fire and the whole cabin has been destroyed.
So now you would be heaving a sigh of relief but the truth is that some greater forces are at play.

The forces of nature which prevented you from going to the office in the first place, this connectivity or synchronicity came from your inner connectedness with the external world along with the transcendental world.

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Sometimes you may have noticed that things happen apparently for no set reason but you don’t have to worry because we are but a mere conduit in the fulfilling of our destinies. People say we can shape our destiny it maybe true up-to some extent but you have to serve as a means in order to fulfill your destiny we are but a mere part of the greater game that nature and it’s forces have in store for us.

Make a conscious choice to become aware of these as they happen in the near future.

Synchronicity invites or challenges us to become more capable of loving, of accessing wisdom, of becoming a source of healing and peace. The actualization of these potentials is our spiritual destiny.

Excerpts from the Power of coincidence and many of the views are author’s personal.

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