Leica SL2 to be launched in two weeks with a price tag of 5990 Euros maybe!

Is this the next camera from Leica?

The Panasonic S1R uses a 47 MP sensor, the Leica Q2 uses a 47MP sensor. And the Leica new SL mirrorless camera Leica SL2 also uses the 47 MP sensor and will be released in the next two weeks.

As the release time gets closer, there is more and more information about Lecia SL2 online. The Lecia SL2 is similar in shape to the SL, but there’s a difference in the shoulder antenna module, the whole body has become sleeker, and the lighter aluminium-magnesium alloy is used. The body seems to be smaller. And maybe the change came because the SL was deemed as bulky.

leica sl2 camera launch soon

The problem seems to be in the pricing. The SL2 is similar to the Panasonic S1R in many ways, using the S1R’s 47MP full-frame sensor and EVF, with anti-shake function, new CINE mode, with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, compatible with the existing APP “Leica FOTOS”, and including tax the price might be around 5,990 euros.

If we look at the Leica SL, the price is as high as 6,900 euros. The Leica SL2 has been upgraded at the same time and the price has been reduced according to rumours. As long as it is 5,990 euros, the price is still high for a lot of people. I don’t know if it can attract Leica M users to switch to Leica SL.

So, guys, this was it for this one. Do you think Leica will be able to gain more market share for Mirrorless cameras with this launch? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below! You can subscribe to our push notifications and our newsletter to get more timely tech updates.

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Leica SL2 to be launched in two weeks with a price tag of 5990 Euros maybe!

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