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Lenovo Launches Lenovo Device Intelligence, a new SaaS tool in India for Smarter PC Fleet Management  

Lenovo Device Intelligence aids enterprises in advanced predictive insights and proactively identifies hardware and systemic issues before they occur!


Lenovo, a global technology provider, today announced the launch of Lenovo Device Intelligence, the latest Software as a Service (SaaS) tool, among its wide range of services and offerings in India. The Lenovo Device Intelligence is a cloud-based SaaS offering capable of assisting in not only diagnosing PC issues but also in predicting potential system failures before they occur.

As part of this launch, Lenovo is running a try and buy offer for enterprises with a 60-day trial period before making a final purchase decision.

Addressing IT Teams Remote Management Challenge

In the current scenario, with remote working, IT teams are finding it challenging to stay on top of the health and maintenance of all the PCs within their company. According to a study by global IT research firm Techaisle, 77% of IT staff time is dedicated to maintenance and support. Another 50% of IT staff reported that their teams lack the resources to swiftly identify problems and deliver satisfactory solutions. This latest tool leverages AI and machine learning for proactive device insights and predictive analytics for IT administrators. Thereby monitoring the health and performance of Lenovo-Think branded laptops. The third-party PCs and offer IT admins proven prescriptive remediations at the fingertip to swiftly resolve issues and keep their employees up-and-running.

Behind the Screen

The LDI uses proprietary machine-learned models that run both locally on the PC and on the cloud. This aids in analyzing telemetry data, key indicators, patterns, anomalies, and root causes for common problems. All this data is accessible via an easy-to-read dashboard that displays health scores for PCs. Basis this, Lenovo Device Intelligence assigns severity levels for each identified issue allowing IT admins to quickly see the fleet status and make more informed decisions on where to focus their attention first.

Adhering to strict data privacy regulations, all customer data is protected and stored in a secure cloud-based technology stack for enhanced security. Additionally, each company’s PC health data is encrypted and stored in dedicated tenants with limited access to authorized users.

lenovo device intelligence

A Premium Experience for Both IT Admins and End Users

Lenovo Device Intelligence offers the ability to IT admins to streamline the troubleshooting process while making them aware of impending crashes. This not only improves their productivity but reduces or even avoids employee downtime altogether. Another key benefit of Lenovo’s Device Intelligence tool is its ability to predict more issues with greater accuracy by learning over time. This gives IT teams the tools to identify and resolve PC performance issues at scale and greater insight into the latest issue trends affecting PCs. The result is fewer calls to the IT help desk and less time spent on issue diagnosis, equating to reduced maintenance overhead and a better user experience.

Rohit Midha, Director – Service Sales, Lenovo India said,

“One of the biggest challenges of working remotely especially for small and medium businesses is ensuring employee productivity. This has made it extremely important for businesses to make sure their employees have the right access to technology coupled with a corresponding level of IT support as it makes a big difference to employee satisfaction and productivity. Lenovo Device Intelligence is one such service offering for small and medium businesses that can help achieve a 10 to 40% reduction in IT maintenance costs. With this tool, customer’s IT support can focus on strategic issues to help drive customer’s business forward and not be bothered by any IT issues during their productive hours at work.”


Lenovo Device Intelligence will be available in India starting March 2021 and comes with a 60day trial period and requires a minimum purchase of 200 devices.

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