Lenovo ThinkBook Wireless Dock Launched at CES 2023!

Lenovo Launches ThinkBook Wireless Dock: Wireless Connection, Wireless Charging, Improve Your Productivity!

According to the latest reports on January 7, we now know that Lenovo launched a large number of new products such as notebooks and PCs at the CES 2023 exhibition. Now let’s take a look at some gadgets released by Lenovo. One of the most noteworthy amongst them is the Lenovo ThinkBook Wireless Dock, which is a docking station product that combines biometric security solutions and can connect two 60Hz 4K displays through two HDMI ports. lenovo thinkbook wireless dock launched The biggest highlight of the ThinkBook Wireless Dock is that it is equipped with two SYN43752 Wi-Fi radio chips, which can connect to high-resolution displays through Wi-Fi 6/6E wireless technology. lenovo thinkbook wireless dock ces 2023 We do understand that in order to eliminate the need for a power cable, the base provides two wireless chargers. One of them is a 45W charging surface designed for the second generation of the ThinkBook 13 X, and the other is for smartphones and IoT ( 10W charging pad for IoT) accessories. lenovo thinkbook wireless dock launch The wireless dock is powered by technology from Synaptics, which is also incorporated into Targus’ wireless dock, which will feature 100W PD, fingerprint ID scanning, and will work with other brands of laptops.
“The ThinkBook Wireless Dock represents our vision for frictionless computing in hybrid environments, allowing users to simply walk to their desks and Immediately increase productivity without having to untangle wires or hunt for plugs. We are excited to have a partner like Synaptics, leveraging its proven DisplayLink wireless docking technology, to ensure these users have the best display and peripheral connectivity experience.”
, said a Lenovo Spokesperson.
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Lenovo ThinkBook Wireless Dock Launched at CES 2023!

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