Lenovo Vibe P1M hands on review, specifications and price


One of the biggest issues that every smartphone user faces is the battery. The more heavy functions performed, the more battery drains from the phone. But Lenovo now has created Vibe P1 and Lenovo Vibe P1M, smartphones with a 4,000MAh and 5,000MaH battery which can last for about 20-24 hours easily. Let’s have a look what Lenovo P1M has in store for you:

Lenovo Vibe P1m specifications and features

Design and Display:

The Lenovo Vibe P1 M is a sleek looking smartphone with metallic edges and plastic matte finish. There’s a 5-inch display which gives you 720×1280 pixels of resolution, an ultra power saving button on the left side, power and volume button on the right-hand side and speaker grill at the bottom. The USB charging port and 3.5 mm jack are at the top of the device. The nano coating on the device makes it water resistant and matte finish covers are also available to make the device look much better. There are slots for dual sims available when you open the back side of the device along with a separate slot for micro SD card.

The display of the device is really smooth and great to use. It adjusts well towards sunlight but has some low brightness issues, whether this is on all the models or just specific ones is yet to be tested. The good resolution makes your viewing experience better too.

Software and Performance:

Vibe P1M comes packed with 1GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6735 which makes sure that the device works smoothly. It runs on Android 5.1 and gives you good performance. The only issues we faced was RAM which is limited to only 2 GB. Also, the chipset available on the device is not that impressive.

To check the performance, we ran a series of standard tests. Here’s a quick rundown for the same:

NenaMark K2: 50.1 FPS

Antutu Benchmark: 20272

During the Antutu Benchmark test, the 3D test showed low performance. When we tried playing a 4k HD video on the device, the audio went off at some places which means that phone is not equipped to run it. Playing normal games was a good experience on Vibe P1 M, but if you try and play heavy games like NFS, you will come across drop of frames per second. Multitasking on the device is also average, we wished to see a better performance. The speakers perform averagely and bottom placement makes sure that the voice is notsuppressed. The Vibe UI can be customized as per the user’s needs. There are multiple options and themes available to customize the home screen and icons.


Vibe P1 M comes with an 8 MP back camera and a 5 MP front camera. Both the cameras work pretty well, providing with good quality detailed pictures. The only issue in the camera segment is the video. The max video quality available on the device is only 720P which is pretty low as compared to flagship devices available in the market. Apart from that, the camera features are great on the device.

Here are few sample shots taken from the Vibe P1m:


The large battery is the selling point of the Lenovo Vibe P1M. With a unique ultra power saving mode, the user can make sure to use the power judiciously. Also, a 4,000MaH battery makes sure that the work and play don’t stop. Also, with the unique power sharing feature, thanks to the advance USB charging, you can share the battery backup of your phone with another smartphone as well.

Here’s our initial review of the Lenovo Vibe P1m:

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