Leveraging document workflow automation for improved business productivity!

But is that even possible in the modern workplace?

For any enterprise, digital transformation has become a key differentiator that adds value to their business and provides a competitive edge in today’s dynamic economic landscape. Despite the digitization of the workplace, companies have overlooked automating the manual and paper-based document processes. From a single sheet of customer acquisition form to piles of paper documents pertaining to contract and agreement residing in filing cabinets, organizations manually manage the documents which are time-intensive and error-prone. Organizations not only need to store all the paper-based information correctly but also archive it in an indexed manner for fast retrieval. Any mismanagement of document can cost the company money, time and lost business opportunities. Hence, arises the need for a reliable office solution which can ease up all the documentation that comes as part and parcel of a large organization. Canon, ranked by IDC in 2018 as the no.1 brand for copiers in Asia as well as has No 1 market share in H1 2019 in India – is one such brand that actively works on providing office solutions that automate the document management processes. Thereby, making the whole process of managing and making business simple.

canon market share number 1

Transforming from Manual to Automated 

Manual feeding of data or scanning of paper documents is a time-consuming process. Not only it is mundane but also wastes valuable time and potential productivity of an employee. Through automation of such routine tasks, organizations can eliminate pain points that slow the business pace and can increase employee productivity. By digitizing the paper documents, a company can reduce the cost and time associated with handling paper and become more efficient and accurate in repeated work processes. A document management system is designed to manage the enterprise’s documents that have been digitized and integrated with the various business processes. It allows an employee to record and search documents in just a few clicks, rather than searching over rows of filing cabinets to retrieve a document. Automating document management improves compliances and enhances security over the life of the document as it traverses digitally across the office.

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One-stop solution to boost productivity

Office automation solution such as IRISPowerscan from Canon helps capture, sort, index and export documents as fully searchable files, eliminating error and cutting costs, while in turn boosting productivity. Document imaging is the first aspect of automating the document workflow, what is also important is the process to streamline document retrieval and document workflow. Canon with its expertise in imaging solutions, which encompasses digital copiers, scanners, projectors and print, and document solutions, offers an innovative one-stop solution of automating the complete document management process for an organization. Its information management and workflow solution called ‘Therefore’, can help in automating the document lifecycle end-to-end in an organization.

Both these office automation solutions from Canon can be used in conjunction by businesses and process managers alike to achieve complex workflow breakthroughs and make them more manageable and simpler.

Following its motto of “Business Can Be Simple”, Canon endeavors to provide solutions, both hardware, and software, that help in streamlining and automating the most manual and paper-intensive processes of the business. Thus, helping companies improve productivity and gain business growth.

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Leveraging document workflow automation for improved business productivity!

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