LG Display Unveils Smart Cabin OLED Panels for Aircraft

LG Display, Boeing, and LIG Nex1 reveal smart cabin OLED panels for aircraft, with tests starting this year.

On May 29, LG Display showcased its collaborative development of smart cabin OLED panels with Boeing EnCore Interiors and LIG Nex1 at the 2024 Aircraft Interiors Expo in Hamburg, Germany.

smart cabin technology

The OLED panels include:

  • A 55-inch OLED panel at the aircraft entrance
  • Curved OLED panels matching the ceiling’s curve
  • 30-inch transparent OLED panels between cabin partitions
  • 27-inch OLED panels in the crew kitchen

These panels can display captain information, in-flight duty-free sales, weather conditions, and airline branding. Compared to LCDs, OLED panels are lighter, enhancing cost efficiency for airlines.

OLED panel

LG Display ensures higher reliability and safety for these OLED panels, while LIG Nex1 develops systems connecting to the cabin entertainment network and managing OLED panel operations.

Boeing’s EcoDemonstrator, featuring these smart cabin technologies, will begin ground and flight tests within the year.

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LG Display Unveils Smart Cabin OLED Panels for Aircraft

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