LG Smiles Back to the World With Reinvented Brand Identity

With Its New Brand Identity LG Revamps the Existing Warmth and Sense of Togetherness of the Brand

Electronics giant LG has revealed they are going with a new brand direction and visual identity. The Reinvented Brand Identity will reinforce the brand sentiment of Life’s Good with a more vibrant and young look across all physical and digital customer touch points 

LG’s new Brand Communication Guidelines aim to position the company as a beloved and iconic brand among customers worldwide. The guidelines prioritize meeting the needs of customers across countries and generations, with a focus on Generation Z.

The Brand will place emphasis on its existing core values of “Uncompromising Customer Experience,” “Human-centered Innovation,” and “Warmth to Power a Smile.”

lg new brand identity
Source: LG

LG’s brand slogan, “Life’s Good,” encompasses the message of providing customers with quality products, services, and communication that enhance their lives and create precious moments. The company’s mission of “Innovation for a Better Life” reflects its commitment to shaping a better future for the planet and contributing to a better life for all.

LG New Brand Identity 1
Source: LG

The new brand direction involves a revamp of its visual identity, reinterpreting the brand’s existing warmth and sense of togetherness. The company seeks to enhance customer interaction through a new visual identity that adds vitality and interactive elements while reimagining the existing brand image.

LG’s brand symbol will become more expressive in the digital space, engaging customers with new levels of interaction. The symbol, composed of the letters “L” and “G,” can now perform eight unique motions, such as nodding, spinning, and winking. These new capabilities allow the symbol to greet customers with a friendly smile or move along with background music on digital platforms in a variety of playful ways.

LG New Brand Identity 2
Source: LG

Alongside its signature LG Red colour, the company will be incorporating the more energetic LG Active Red across all customer touchpoints. Additionally, various gradient elements in LG Active Red, white, and Black have been introduced, providing versatility as they can be applied based on the unique character of each product or service.

The company has also created a new typeface for its “Life’s Good” brand slogan, which will be utilized more extensively as a brand asset on product packaging. The typeface cleverly incorporates shapes inspired by various LG products.

LG’s new brand strategy not only strengthens its unique identity but also demonstrates its capacity to evolve with generations and its unmatched commitment to innovating customer experiences worldwide. The company plans to leverage its unique brand asset across all customer touchpoints globally throughout the year.

“Having a strong and consistent brand strategy enables us to communicate our value proposition and unique identity, which harmoniously blends innovation and warmth. Implementing this new brand strategy, LG aims to become an iconic brand that resonates with consumers across generations and locations.”

said William Cho, CEO of LG Electronics.

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LG Smiles Back to the World With Reinvented Brand Identity

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