The Lockdown is bringing Indian couples closer during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

Survey conducted by Lasting, relationship counseling app by The Knot Worldwide, shows that 74% of couples cook together, while 70% use technology to stay connected & in love!

With over seven billion people around the world practising social distancing due to the Coronavirus pandemic and crores of Indians locked in at home, people are spending more and more time with their loved ones. Lasting – the leading guided marriage counselling application from The Knot Worldwide, world leaders in the wedding marketplace – released findings from their ‘At Home Together’ survey to analyse how Coronavirus has impacted couples in India and how they have been spending time with one another during the nationwide lockdown. The survey was conducted with singles, newlyweds and married couples as well as those currently in a relationship, through the last two weeks of April 2020. The survey found that 90% of the couples polled have been spending a substantially larger amount of time with each other, with almost 40% of them have said that they are spending close to 18 hours a day with their partner!

Since the announcement of the lockdown, almost half the couples polled (46%) have spent quality time with one another by developing healthier habits to improve their lifestyle. About 40% of couples have deepened their understanding of their partner by communicating more openly, with a majority of them saying they have learnt something new about their partner which has led to shared joy. While 39% of couples have conquered household chores by dividing responsibilities, a vast majority have picked up hobbies like cooking together (74%) or binge-watching their favourite shows (67%) to have shared experiences. Despite the negativity brought on by the pandemic, less than 10% of the couples said that their relationship has strained. 62% of respondents said they need ‘me time’ to feel better as well. After all, being together does not mean not having time for themselves.

As for unmarried or long-distance couples, a large majority (70%) stay in touch with their partners over phone and video chats, making technology their greatest ally. Almost half of them (44%) prefer to connect whenever they miss significant others, a small group of respondents (15%) like to set timelines for catching up to keep the discipline.

“The global pandemic is unprecedented and has proven to be a unique and challenging time for couples around the world,”

said Dhanusha Sivajee, Chief Marketing Officer, The Knot Worldwide.

“As a relationship counselling app from The Knot Worldwide family, Lasting has always prioritised love and healthy relationships over the years. This is especially relevant during this time of need. We are proud to be able to support couples emotionally and help them navigate through these uncertain times to ensure they emerge from this crisis stronger. Through the ‘At Home Together’ survey, we aimed to understand how Indian couples were spending their time and what was the impact on their bonding. Insights from the survey will help us help them navigate the emotional effects of Coronavirus through personalised counselling sessions using Lasting and provide them with the support that they might need.”

Ankur Sarawagi, India Country Head, The Knot Worldwide, further adds

“Indian society is, at large, a family-oriented set-up. As the internet and technology took over and new ways of working emerged, our schedules have gotten busier. We are now always logged in, on the road, stuck in traffic, at the office till late or busy keeping up social commitments in the remaining free time. Time spent with near and dear ones has drastically reduced, especially for couples, which has led to a strain on relationships. While the social restrictions and financial uncertainty caused by Coronavirus pandemic have increased stress, anxiety and conflict among individuals and their relationships, the extra time under lockdown that couples are spending together is helping them bond better. As Lasting’s ‘At Home Together’ survey findings suggest, couples across India are enjoying doing simple things together for hours which they did not get time to do earlier. This might actually help them come out of the lockdown even closer than before.”

While the pandemic has instilled fear and uncertainty in various aspects of life and people are required to keep the social distance for an indefinite period. This period might, ironically, bring couples closer strengthening love and relationships across the country.

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The Knot Worldwide x Lasting‘s ‘At Home Together’ survey captured responses from over 1000 singles and engaged, dating as well as married couples in India over the last two weeks of April 2020. Respondents were recruited via email, SMS, community and social media channels of WeddingWire India. The survey was conducted on Qualtrics and covered all major metros, Tier I and Tier II cities in India.

Spending quality time with one another is bound to make the heart grow fonder

From finding new ways to spend time, to developing healthier habits together, picking up hobbies and rekindling their love, Lasting’s survey shows that:

  • Nearly three-fourths (77%) of respondents believe that they have learnt something new about their partners! 
  • Almost half (47%) of married and engaged respondents and over one-third (38%) of those dating, believe that their relationship has grown stronger.

Finding hobbies that both partners can engage in is a great way to solidify a bond – especially if it has to do with food. 

  • More than half of the respondents like to whip up a meal (74%) or binge-watch their favourite shows (67%) together. 
  • Culinary adventures for many have led to a decrease in time spent ordering take out (16%) and online shopping (22%). 
  • Respondents now prefer shopping for daily items and essentials from local businesses (43%).

While any time spent with a loved one is always time well spent, taking time out for oneself is just as important

  • Roughly two-thirds of respondents (62%) acknowledge that it is important for them to take time out for themselves. 
  • Out of our large pool, less than 10% of couples have said that the lockdown has strained their relationship.
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In today’s digital world, technology comes to the rescue for many

Among those who are not currently living together, a majority of 70% stay in touch with each other through the phone and video chat, out of which 63% of couples are dating. Having a demanding schedule and distance proves to be difficult – how frequently do couples connect, you ask? 

  • More than one-third (44%) prefer to connect when they miss their significant other, while 15% like to set certain times for calls.
  • Couples are keeping in touch with their friends and family by scheduling video calls  (69%), hosting virtual happy hours (38%) and downloading new apps for entertainment (37%).

With the lockdown period extending to ensure everyone’s safety, more couples are looking forward to spending time with their partners and are keen to build their relationship.

  • Several (46%) want to improve their lifestyle choices by choosing to exercise and adopt healthier food habits.
  • 46% of respondents are looking forward to discussing topics such as their future, career and kids with their significant other.
  • Other couples would like to improve their communication (40%) and manage to divide and conquer household responsibilities (39%). 
  • While appreciating the time they are spending together, 49% of respondents would like to strike a balance between ‘me time’ and time together.

So guys how’s your lockdown going on? Has your relationship strengthened during this period? Do let us know your thoughts on the same in the comments section below!

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The Lockdown is bringing Indian couples closer during the Coronavirus Pandemic!

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