Logmatic.io review: Machine data intelligence for your operations


This is a data centric age, everything we do is quantified, collated and stored for long term usage. The errors we make, the steps we take, everything is stored. There’s a benefit too to this approach, the greatest being the ability to draw out patterns, errors and other significant information from logs or other vast pools of data. Logmatic.io is one such operations data platform software which eases the same process. It is a great tool for storing and analyzing of log and machine events. This tool helps companies to improve their software as well as business performance by making use of their machine data.

Logmatic.io review – features :

  • It allows the users to send any kinds of logs, machine events and metric data from anywhere without the requirement of a Logmatic.io agent
  • It allows proper segregation and structuring of data according to data type and it can automatically recognize types of data and sort them accordingly. For exp.: It supports Apache, Syslogs, Firewalls, Nginx, JSON events, key/value patterns and a lot of other things.
  • It provides the user access to real time insights along with full text searches.
  • It has support for customizable dashboards. The user can create custom dashboards which support filtered metrics, flow charts, geo maps, pie charts based on various metrics etc.
  • It’s a very fast software with low latency. It has powerful search and filtering mechanisms. It also comes with Alerting features.
  • It has integrated user agent parsing and integrated IP geolocation which allows to identify the browsers, OS and devices of the users.
  • It’s very user friendly software with almost zero learning curve. No specific knowledge is required to run Logmatic.io
  • Even for operations with highly distributed environments Logmatic works great and allows to pinpoint sources of errors or interesting events with ease.

Logmatic.io review: It allows users to scale on demand and has no automated average penalties. You can use it without having any proprietary code from Logmatic on your servers. Users can choose between a purely agent-less approach or a log shipper approach. It works with Linux, Windows, hosted platforms like Heroku/Docker, servers which have Apache/NGINX, devices with iOS, Ruby on Rails etc. where in you can easily employ automated integration. You can easily work with your Heroku logs and a lot more using Logmatic.

Logmatic.io allows users to troubleshoot errors, monitor their entire systems and set alerts for different events via the Logmatic.io logging tool before issues become critical.

You can watch their official video here in order to know more about how this software works:

This software is one of the ultimate in machine learning approach towards managing your operations. If you are someone who likes to be in full control of their data then this one is worth it.

So what do you think about it? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below!

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