MediaTek Launches Dimensity 9300+ Chipset at Developer Conference

Explore MediaTek’s new Dimensity 9300+ chip and AI Pioneer Program, unveiled at the MDDC 2024, enhancing mobile AI technology

On May 7, 2024, MediaTek officially hosted the MediaTek Dimensity Developer Conference (MDDC) in Shenzhen.

This global event aimed to collaborate with ecosystem partners and developers to discuss industry trends and share knowledge, experiences, and advancements in technology.


The theme of this conference was “AI to Everything,” where numerous industry pioneers and technical experts gathered to explore the application and development of AI technology in various fields, highlighting the expanded possibilities AI offers to endpoint devices.

One of the highlights of the conference was the launch of the “Dimensity AI Pioneer Plan” by MediaTek in collaboration with partners such as Alibaba Cloud, Baichuan Intelligent, Transsion, Zero One Things, OPPO, Honor, Vivo, and Xiaomi.

This initiative is designed to integrate resources from MediaTek and its industry partners to provide development resources, technical support, and business opportunities to developers who are eager to innovate and explore.

It aims to enable developers to create innovative generative AI experiences on devices equipped with Dimensity chips, accelerating the arrival of the AI era.

AI Pioneer Program

Additionally, MediaTek, together with Counterpoint and partners like Alibaba Cloud Tongyi AI and Baichuan Intelligent, released the “Generative AI Mobile Industry White Paper.

outlining the integration of generative AI with smartphones and predicting rapid growth with a potential market size of one billion devices by 2027.

AI Pioneer Program launched

This paper discusses the deep integration of generative AI with smartphones, detailing the AI strategies of chipset manufacturers, phone manufacturers, large model manufacturers, and developers within the generative AI phone ecosystem.

MediaTek also announced the launch of the “Dimensity AI Development Kit” at the conference, which includes efficient best practices for GenAI, a global mainstream GenAI Model Hub, performance-enhancing GenAI optimization technologies, and the Neuron Studio, a one-stop visual development environment.

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AI applications

This comprehensive kit offers developers a professional development experience that is fast, comprehensive, strong, and easy, empowering them to develop generative AI applications for mobile endpoints.

Moreover, MediaTek unveiled the upgraded StarSpeed Engine at the conference.

software development kit

Utilizing adaptive technology and hardware-based ray tracing software development kits, this engine enhances performance management, ray tracing effects, network quality monitoring, and more, helping game developers create more realistic and smooth gameplay experiences with improved touch and network response speeds and extended battery life.

generative AI applications

Another major announcement was the official release of the Dimensity 9300+ 5G generative AI mobile chip. This chip features an all-large-core CPU architecture, including four Cortex-X4 super cores with a maximum frequency of 3.4 GHz and four Cortex-A720 large cores operating at 2.0 GHz.

It boasts powerful generative AI capabilities, being the first to support AI inference decoding acceleration on the device side, as well as supporting the Dimensity AI LoRA Fusion 2.0 technology, offering more efficient and personalized generative AI experiences.

It supports mainstream generative AI large models, providing users with innovative multimodal generative AI experiences at the endpoint, including text, images, and music.

The chip also supports the AI framework ExecuTorch, accelerating the development of endpoint generative AI applications.

AI large models

In gaming, the Dimensity 9300+ features the StarSpeed Engine with adaptive technology, significantly reducing power consumption during high-quality gameplay, and ensuring prolonged optimal performance.

MediaTek’s StarSpeed Engine network quality monitoring system can continuously monitor the quality of game network connections, supporting more efficient use of Wi-Fi and cellular concurrent technologies to provide a consistently smooth and robust network connection for online gaming

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MediaTek Launches Dimensity 9300+ Chipset at Developer Conference

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