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Internet marketing and Advertising has reached new heights in the past few years. We have a ton of new people joining these fields every day. A lot of these people are content creators who generate content on a regular basis. But the biggest challenge for any content creator is to reach their target audience. Even if you write the best content possible on any given subject you can’t assure yourself that traffic would flow. And even if you managed to put an impact on your first time visitors it’s quite difficult to retain them for long. A lot of people rely on email subscriptions even in this day and age in order to retain their readers. But the problem with such techniques is that they require a lot of effort from the viewer. By using something like push notifications you can retain your existing audience and send them new content timely without having to rely on outdated mechanisms like email marketing etc. Today we are going to talk about one such tool in our Megapu.sh review which is one of the best push notification ad networks out there!

What is a Push notification?

A push notification refers to a message or pop-up box which appears on a mobile device or desktop browser. App developers can easily send them whenever they wish to & for this the users don’t need to be inside the app or use their devices in order to receive them. Push notifications are employed in multiple use cases, you can use them to display the latest scores for sporting events, make a call to action for the user e.g. flash sale notification or some discount offers etc.

But for many users push notifications have become really annoying and it has become a dilemma of sorts for advertisers as well as brands whether they should continue using the same or not. Rather than sending spammy and irrelevant notifications if the focus is kept on useful notifications then this problem can be easily mitigated.

What is Megapu.sh? How do I get started?

Megapu.sh is really easy to use and the site only has a single page UI. You just need to enter your basic information such as the campaign name, target link and upload an image for the same. You also have to set the target country, enter the CPC bid and so on. Depending upon the geographic location you target your CPC bid would vary. India has a low CPC of around 0.3 cents despite a huge volume and average CPC for Russia is around 8.9 cents. It’s 6.1 cents for Kazakhstan, 1.3 cents for Turkey and 0.3 cents for Egypt.

Before configuration and finalizing the campaign, and the submission process there’s a moderation process which is quite efficient as well as fast. It usually takes around 30 minutes from the date of sending the campaign for approval. This is during the regular working hours i.e. 8 am to 11 pm (GMT +3) Monday to Friday and 8 am to 5 pm (GMT+3) on Saturday and Sunday.

How to use Megapu.sh? Megapu.sh’s Advertiser Control Panel

megapu.sh review 1

Megapu.sh gives users an easy to use user dashboard, it’s identical to a lot of other popular ad networks which makes it very user-friendly. The main page showcases the main statistics, the number of clicks and the amount of money spent on ads today as well as during the month. This puts together all of the data across all the created campaigns and it’s quite easy to use too. Information related to the day before’s top ten campaigns, top campaigns overall, the number of clicks, targeted country, and the total cost is displayed before the main bar graph.

Adjacent to this, they showcase lists of top ten active countries for campaigns across the whole network along with the top ten free across the network.

Apart from that, there’s a bonus system which takes into account the value of your deposits.

If you put in $500 you earn one point. For eg., if you put $5000 you get 20 points. Each MP has a worth of $15 in terms of ad budget. But you need to have a minimum of 10 MP in one go, to use them. The referral program gives a 7% commission from the total payment done by a partner who you refer to Megapu.sh network.

How to generate a campaign with Megapu.sh?

It’s quite simple to make a new campaign in Megapu.sh as there’s just one single page to navigate through. Click on the “new campaign” button in the left sidebar.

This page requires you to fill in all the necessary details for your campaign. These include campaign name (for reference purposes), a target URL for your link, a title (max up to 30 characters) which would appear in the push notification ad & a custom message (max up to 45 characters) which would appear in the push notification. There’s also a “smiley face” button in case you want to add an emoji in your title or message.

megapu.sh review 2

When you are done with this, you need to upload the main image (492*328 px) and an icon (192*192 px) for your campaign. You can use any image type, PNG/JPG all work. Just make sure the images are of the right dimensions and you are all set to go. Then you will see the targeting options like browser, country and CPC bid in cents below. This roughly means that a bid of 0.1 is equivalent to $0.001 i.e. 1/10th of a penny per click.

When you choose a country, you will be shown the minimum price as well as the average price for that geographical location. Few countries are more expensive than others. Eg. average bid for Canada is 5 cents while that for Albania is just around 0.3 cents. Choosing the right geolocation will determine the mileage of your ad campaign. After this, there’s an option to select a start time and end time, define IP range, and you get to choose between five ad networks i.e. Megapu.sh, AdSterra, PropellerAds, Admaven, and Advexxx.

megapu.sh review 3

After this click on the “Preview” button and you would be shown a sneak peek of what your push ad would look like when live. Click on the “create” button after this and your campaign would undergo the moderation process before being approved. Once it’s approved, you can check its stats, group it together with other campaigns and top up your existing budget and so on.

Why should you use Push Notification networks like Megapu.sh?

Push notifications are quite intuitive and Megapu.sh has some really good options. Not only do you get the choice to bring traffic from multiple countries but you also can do advanced targeting based on details like platform/OS/browser/country/ISP etc.

With a minimum price per click starting from 0.001$ and a system based on the CPC model it’s quite a good one. Megapu.sh moderation & support is available 24*7. They get around 12 million clicks every day.


Push notification networks have increased quite a lot in recent times. Even on Inspire2Rise, we are using one which allows us to reach our existing readers with ease. Megapu.sh too didn’t take much time to make its mark in this industry as it promises fast and proven results. If you are a blogger or internet marketer then also this tool would come in quite handy to interact with your existing audience and keep them coming for more!

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