Meizu M2 Note overview, specifications and price

It’s been only a little time since Meizu M1 Note was launched. The phone created a lot of buzz with its affordable price and good quality specs. And now, Chinese OEM Meizu has launched it’s Meizu M2 Note. The phone comes packed with comfortable price and amazing display, and here’s a quick sneak peek into the successor.

Meizu M2 note: Specifications and price


The M2 Note has not improved much from its predecessor when it comes to design. The design is minimalistic and very basic. There is a lack of creativity, but that does not mean that the device has been poorly designed. The back of the phone is made with polycarbonate unibody along with a glossy finish. The device fits nicely into your hand and doesn’t look bulky and provides you with good grip on the device.

Meizu M2 note back design

The volume and the power button provide tactile movement to user’s fingers. There’s a dual SIM Card slot along with a microSD card slot on the opposite side. The headphone jack and MicroUSB port is at the top side of the phone. One of the most significant changes in design is the home button, which has been replaced now into a circular key, which no longer glows to let you know about notifications. Some might take it as a negative point, but a better navigation button is preferably over a notification home button which doesn’t work properly. Strange but, no fingerprint scan is available which is present in it’s twin, Meizu X5. The home button has the same extended functionality of working both as a home button as well as back button.


Meizu M2 Note comes with 5.5 inch IGZO display featuring 1920×1080 resolution which has 403 ppi. And on top of it Corning Gorilla Glass 3 panel, best in its field. Overall, the display provides proper brightness and great viewing angles which will be like apple to your eyes. Additional aspects of the display include introduction of adaptive brightness, which adjust automatically as per your environment. Along with that, M2 Note gives you control over the color temperature/tint as well.

Software and Performance:

When it comes to power, Meizu M2 Note has Octa-Core 64 bit Media Tek MT6753 processor wrapped up with 1.3 GHz and a 2GB RAM. What’s disappointing is that as compared to its predecessor, the software and performance specs are down. This might make the device a little bit slower to respond to it’s users commands.

But overall performance is still pretty okay and 2 GB RAM makes multi-tasking smooth. The phone was able to run 4k HD video with ease! Also, the Flyme OS 4.5.1 which is a forked version of Android based on Android 5.1 lollipop. But even with good performance stats, some flaws tend to show up. For Example- The device doesn’t have Google Play services available and Google Now is also missing. And you might even find some pre-installed and total waste applications in Chinese. Also, you might have to do something about the default Chinese keyboard. The phone doesn’t have an app drawer, which is common in many Chinese smartphones and you will need some time to get used to it. The notification drop down is missing out on settings section which will make your fingers move a little bit more to find the place where settings icon is. Also, the lock screen will not display your notifications, which gives Meizu’s competitors an upper hand.


Meziiu M2 Note comes with a 13 MP main camera and a 5 MP front camera. On paper, the camera may give you looks of decent quality, but when it comes to actually clicking pictures, you might be a little disappointed in the area of exposure. And there are always manual options available to get the dream snap.

Here’s our initial impressions and hands on review of the M2 Note for those people who wish to see the phone in action!

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Meizu M2 Note overview, specifications and price

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