Meta’s Open Source AI Language Model MusicGen Can Convert Text and Melody Into Complete Music Pieces

On June 12, Meta made an announcement that it has open-sourced its AI language model MusicGen on GitHub. This model is based on Google’s Transformer model that was launched in 2017 and is primarily used for music generation.

MusicGen can convert text and existing melodies into complete compositions. The R&D team stated that they utilized 20,000 hours of authorized music to train the model.

They also used Meta’s EnCodec encoder to decompose audio data into smaller units for parallel processing, which resulted in MusicGen’s computing efficiency and generation speed being faster than other AI models of the same type.

meta musicgen ai model

MusicGen also has a feature that supports the combined input of text and melody.

For instance, users can propose to generate “a light song” and simultaneously ask to “combine it with Beethoven’s ‘Ode to Joy’.” The R&D team conducted tests to evaluate MusicGen’s performance.

The results show that MusicGen performs better on indicators such as the degree of matching between music and text prompts and the credibility of composition when compared with Google’s MusicLM and other music models such as Riffusion, Mousai, and Noise2Music. MusicGen is generally slightly higher than Google MusicLM’s level.

Meta has licensed the model for commercial use and has published a demo web application on Huggingface.

You can find the model’s code in the link here.

The demo version of the MusicGen Model can be found here: Click here.

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Meta’s Open Source AI Language Model MusicGen Can Convert Text and Melody Into Complete Music Pieces

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