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Meta Employees Bombard Zuckerberg: The Metaverse Is Dragging the Company Into a Slow Death!

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On November 13, since Facebook’s parent company Meta announced that it would lay off 13% of its workforce, many employees took aim at the company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg on the anonymous forum Blind. Many negative comments have been seen till now, such as the metaverse project that he promotes has been dragging Meta into a slow death. On the day Meta announced the layoffs, many people commented on Blind.

“The Metaverse is dragging us into a slow death. Zuckerberg can bring down a company on his own, just by using the Metaverse,”

a user who described himself as a senior software developer posted. The layoffs were likened to “The Hunger Games,” while another user said, “Meta’s future is full of uncertainty.”

Employees can anonymously voice their dissatisfaction with their employers on Blind. But before joining, users must provide their work email address, job title, and employer so that Blind can “assess” the authenticity of the posts. However, sometimes the employment status of users is not officially confirmed. Blind says it occasionally sends users prompts asking them to re-authenticate their accounts. Rick Chen, Blind’s head of PR, explained:

“Almost all of the comments on our platform are written by current employees of the various companies because people often don’t have access to Blind after they’ve been fired or resigned.”

Since 2020, Meta employees have posted nearly 6,000 reviews on Blind about the company, which they rate 4 out of 5 stars.

A self-proclaimed Meta engineer gave the company a five-star rating, citing “talented colleagues,” a “great company culture,” and a long “perks list.” But on the day of the layoffs, the engineer added that Zuckerberg was leading the company in the wrong direction. A user who identified himself as a Meta data scientist said Meta needed layoffs at the executive level, adding:

“Leadership is clueless and mistaking wrong actions for progress.”

A person who says he works in talent acquisition gave Meta a four-star rating. He acknowledged that the company is

“one of the best places to work,”

adding that

“Zuckerberg isn’t afraid to take risks (which is both a good and a bad thing).”
“Bad leadership is sinking the ship,”

wrote another poster, who identified himself as a senior technical program manager.

He acknowledged that Meta has advantages such as “high salaries,” benefits, and talent, but also many “disadvantages.” Including

“no accountability at the director level and above, vice presidents and directors are just extracting the company’s profits without adding any value”.

He added:

“I thought it was a data-driven company, but it’s actually a company driven by personal intuition and emotion. No one can change Zuckerberg’s decision.”

Not all Meta employees have a negative view of Zuckerberg, however. A recently laid-off former employee said he found Zuckerberg’s handling of the layoffs

“very human.”

Another engineer rated the company just one star and described the mass layoffs as “the worst layoffs in history”.

“Until the share price has fully recovered in the context of mass layoffs, I wouldn’t advise anyone to work there,”

he said. Meta is in murky waters as of now. Do you guys think that Zuck’s pivot into the Metaverse can be beneficial for the long term future of Meta?

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