Meta’s Study Shows Home VR Fitness Effective for Health

Meta and Victoria University study proves VR workouts at home meet WHO standards, promoting physical and mental health

Meta, in collaboration with the University of Victoria, Canada, published a new study showing that using VR headsets for home workouts can meet the World Health Organization’s (WHO) physical activity guidelines.

VR headsets

Dr. Ryan Rhodes led the research, focusing on Meta’s Supernatural fitness platform, particularly the “Flow” and “Boxing” modes, both categorized as moderate intensity.

Flow" and "Boxing

The study found these modes qualify as vigorous exercise, benefiting overall health.

Meta's Supernatural fitness platform

Engaging in 75-150 minutes of moderate to vigorous activity weekly lowers the risk of cancer, type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, and stroke. Thus, playing Supernatural for at least 75 minutes weekly can reduce these health risks.

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Meta’s Study Shows Home VR Fitness Effective for Health

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