micromax canvas a116 hd review pic

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    1. Hello there.Can you tell me how did you update the micromax to 4.2.1 coz i went to the service centre and they told me there is no further update for canvas hd.kindly help me on de same

  1. I m having a budget of 17k nd i m having a big confusion between galaxy grand and canvas 4..plz suggest. . ,
    it wl b my first smartphone.nd i want to play cul games.,1080p video support,cul camera.,
    a suggestn to buy whch 1 wl a great 🙂

    1. Man, it’s a damn tough choice. My suggestion would be the Canvas 4 if you have no concerns with the brand etc. because in all terms and specs Canvas 4 beats the Grand. But still if you want to go with the Samsung Brand then it’s your choice!

  2. No m nt at al woried bout brand name. ,
    nd evn heard dt aftr sales service is imprvng of micrmx.,
    so cnvas 4 is cul. ,
    thnx 4 d sugstn 😀

  3. Micromax Does Not Manufactures any mobile it just rebrands Cheap chinese phones , which you wont buy even for half of price if they are sold to you by their original names . Since it does not manufactures any mobiles it does not have/need its own Hardware R&D department and result of which customers suffers and have to wait for their product to get repaired from service centers . The hardware is not tested for quality and there are large number of Display , Power and Camera issues in micromax phones .

    I have started a blog to make people Aware of Micromax Cheap Phones and Bad Service kindly share your stories to support it


  4. canvas series has lots of phones but still Canvas HD is considered as the best and people still prefer to buy this phone over any other micromax phone.

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