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Why Micromax Canvas A116 HD may be the next big thing

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Micromax Canvas A116 HD is the latest offering from Micromax’s stables. And it has taken everyone head on. And I need not say that many mobile manufacturers are starting to take Micromax seriously. First question that may arise in anyone’s mind is that :

“How does Micromax achieve so much for so less price?”

Well, the answer lies in the fact that Micromax Canvas A116 HD is a rebranded OEM handset i.e. you buy the parts cheap, arrange them. And then sell them! And Voila, you have a nice handset which performs beyond it’s price range.

But we are getting it for some more price than the cost of materials because of receiving it from authentic channels. It’s simply like buying an OEM handset from some online store. But there would be so many pit holes of customs and other stuff that it would become a pain to but an OEM online.

The truth is that total bill of materials for such a phones comes out to around 6-6.5k /- or even less. [P.S – iPhone 5’s components cost only around 200$ or up to 12,000 rs. ]

Now just try to think how much profits the biggies are making. And with this handset Micromax Canvas A116 HD on a shoestring budget. Regardless of selling it online, Micromax will be generating huge profits!

Enough of the behind the scenes, let’s talk business.

Micromax Canvas A116 HD user review :-

The Micromax Canvas A116 HD has got pretty decent specifications. On paper it can give even 18k-21k phones a run for their money.

Build and design of the phone :- The phone has a dual colour concept. Because the front has black colour. And the back has white cover. Extending along the sides, it gives a unique colour combination to the phone. Though it may be an eyesore to some!

Materials used are plasticky. But to expect a premium feeling phone at such a tight budget would be too much. The Micromax Canvas A116 HD has a glossy finish back cover. And there’s the 8 MP camera lens sticking it’s nose out from the back just like some other new phones.

micromax canvas a116 hd review build

Screen size and display :- It has 12.7 cm of screen estate. And combine this with a 720p HD display and IPS LCD screen and you have a stunner of a screen. With colour density of 16.7 million colours it is truly a gem of a screen. Only occasional problems like haphazard contrast plagued us. Apart from that the Micromax Canvas A116 HD has beautifully wide viewing angles, courtesy it’s IPS 5 inch display. But the screen gets smudged easily whether your hands are dry or not.

Micromax canvas a116 hd review

Operating System & software :- This phone has the goodness of the latest flavour of Google Android i.e. 4.1.2 Jellybean. And anything which runs Jellybean is a pleasure to use. Most of the stuff is same as other phones apart from a SIM toggle in the notification bar and skinning of some UI elements.

Camera review :- Though the camera is better than previous iterations of canvas series but still it’s not quite up to the mark. The 8 megapixel is good on paper. Indoor stills and daylight photos were fine. But colours were not properly rendered and were dull. Depending on the lighting of a place the camera may or may not shoot decent videos. But nonetheless, at this price range this camera is just one of the best in sub 15-k phones. Inbuilt photo editing modes are already there along with a preloaded app by Micromax for clicking pictures.

Processing power and performance :- The Micromax Canvas A116 HD is proudly powered by 1.2 GHz Mediatek Quad core processor with 1 GB of RAM. This is sufficient for most day-to-day tasks and even plays 1080p HD videos. Although there’s some initial lag, but it’s barely noticeable.

Battery life :- The phone has a standby time of 174 hours, with a 2000mAh battery. The talk time is around 5 hrs. Considering it to be a dual SIM phone the battery life is pretty decent!

SAR Values and heating : According to official Micromax website => The SAR limit recommended by the FCC is 1.6 W/kg. The highest SAR value tested for Canvas A116 HD is Head: 0.472 W/kg @ 1g W/kg @ 1 g (Head) & Body: 0.412 W/kg @ 1g W/Kg @ 1g (Body).
I had to share this as many users were curious about whether this phone is actually safe to use or not! It’s safe in terms of radiation.
The phone does heat up a bit. While playing HD videos, or playing games like Subway Surf continuously. Some users may not like it a bit. But we think it’s in a bearable range.

Final Inspire2rise Verdict :- The Micromax Canvas A116 HD is designed for those who haven’t yet tasted the flavours of Android and are on a diet budget. For those wanting to buy a less than 15,000 phone, this phone is currently the best option. It will let you get that daily fix of movies, music and games with some decent clicks in between.

P.S : Some users have been complaining about Flipboard app hanging the device. So kindly don’t install it on Micromax Canvas A116 HD unless you want to brick your device!

Now that we know that it’s a powerhouse, all that may stop you is actual hands on experience. We will recommend that if you have the money, go buy it. I have learned that it’s not the price which should attract potential buyers. But the reliability of the product & the after sales-support which should be the major deciding factor.

Although Micromax’s customer support service is plain shitty. But still the Micromax Canvas A116 HD is a steal at it’s current price.

You may check the price  and buy the phone by clicking on this link from Junglee.com. And meanwhile do check this video review too!

Stay tuned for more awesome phone reviews.

What’s your take, let us know in the comments section below.

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8 thoughts on “Why Micromax Canvas A116 HD may be the next big thing”

    1. Hello there.Can you tell me how did you update the micromax to 4.2.1 coz i went to the service centre and they told me there is no further update for canvas hd.kindly help me on de same

  1. I m having a budget of 17k nd i m having a big confusion between galaxy grand and canvas 4..plz suggest. . ,
    it wl b my first smartphone.nd i want to play cul games.,1080p video support,cul camera.,
    a suggestn to buy whch 1 wl a great 🙂

    1. Man, it’s a damn tough choice. My suggestion would be the Canvas 4 if you have no concerns with the brand etc. because in all terms and specs Canvas 4 beats the Grand. But still if you want to go with the Samsung Brand then it’s your choice!

  2. No m nt at al woried bout brand name. ,
    nd evn heard dt aftr sales service is imprvng of micrmx.,
    so cnvas 4 is cul. ,
    thnx 4 d sugstn 😀

  3. Micromax Does Not Manufactures any mobile it just rebrands Cheap chinese phones , which you wont buy even for half of price if they are sold to you by their original names . Since it does not manufactures any mobiles it does not have/need its own Hardware R&D department and result of which customers suffers and have to wait for their product to get repaired from service centers . The hardware is not tested for quality and there are large number of Display , Power and Camera issues in micromax phones .

    I have started a blog to make people Aware of Micromax Cheap Phones and Bad Service kindly share your stories to support it


  4. canvas series has lots of phones but still Canvas HD is considered as the best and people still prefer to buy this phone over any other micromax phone.

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