Micromax YU YuFit Band Review, With Full Pros and Cons

After rigorously wearing the Micromax YU  YuFit band for around a week and even putting some scratches on it, here we present to you a full-fledged Micromax YU Yufit band review which is priced at INR 999/- only and comes with an OLED screen and Healthify.me application full integration.

The band in itself is similar to the Xiaomi MI band except for the fact that in some areas it’s better than that and in some areas, it lags far behind!

Design and Display of the YuFit band

Well, the band comes with a YU sensor which is separate from the silicone band. When you open the contents of the package you will find a small tablet-style sensor to fit into the band along with a charger.

The design of this sensor is rectangular, rounded at the edges. Also, while fitting it into the band, just make sure to put the electrode side first and then fit it properly inside to ensure a seamless, airtight fit.

Micromax Yu Yufit band review specifications and price
YU YuFit band review: The box contents with the band!

The display quality of the Yu Yufit band is decent enough. The OLED display is good but it has low visibility in high sunlight conditions. One can see their calories burned, steps taken, phone notifications like missed calls, and the number of messages on the small screen of the band.

The only problem is that the screen doesn’t have any protective layer on it, which makes it prone to scratches. The band quality is good, thick as required, and durable too when compared to the competition.

YU YuFit band review: Features

The YuFit band has a better variety of features when compared to Mi Band. YuFit comes with an Indian calorie counter, which counts the calorie intake as per the Indian audience’s eating habits. This is done by having a separate Healthify.me account.

You just simply need to click a picture of your next Chole Bhatoorey plate and upload at the app. The Band will count instantly how many calories were taken. Yufit app also integrates with the Healtifyme app, which is pretty famous among Indian Android users and can get health & fitness coaching from various coaches online.

All of this is paid but still, the pricing is being worked out to make users access to the best dieticians and nutritionists without costing a bomb! Using both the YuFit app and the Healthify me app in conjunction gives you full control over how you use the band.

Comparison Videos

Here’s our comparison video between the YuFit band and the Xiaomi Mi band.

Apart from this, Yufit also provides you with information regarding missed calls and messages that are pending to read on the phone. You can also see the clock on the screen as well and send emergency SOS messages as well to a number of your choice by pressing the sensor on the notifications page.

If you sit stagnantly in one place for a long time, the band will also ping you to walk around a little bit. This is one of the cool features of the band.

Here’s our detailed YU YuFit band review when compared to other bands out there like Fitbit, Goqii Life, etc.!

Tracking Features:

The Yufit band tracks your sleep patterns too, but not up to the mark. It won’t be able to properly calculate your deep sleep pattern as compared to the Mi band.

When it comes to counting steps, the Yufit band fares badly in that too. The band will show you more steps than you would have actually taken. The sensor can be fooled very easily and even when sitting sometimes it counts some activities as steps. Mi band was a lot better while doing steps and sleep tracking.

The Yufit also measures the weight lifted by you and the number of calories burned pretty decently.

Battery Life:

The battery is the area that will disappoint you in the Yufit band. The battery lasts only 4 days for this band even if you only pair it with your smartphone once or twice a day. If you keep the Bluetooth on for a really long time, the battery will last only 2-3 days.

Video Review

And here’s our final verdict video wherein we talk about all this and the longevity of this band in great detail!

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Micromax YU YuFit Band Review, With Full Pros and Cons

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