Microsoft’s ‘Bing Chat AI’ Responds to Edge Browser Users’ Query for ‘Chrome’ With Bing Ads

On June 7th, it was reported that Microsoft had launched an advertisement for its Edge browser that was displayed in full size to users who downloaded Google Chrome through Edge in February of this year. However, Microsoft seems to be taking a different approach this time around.

According to a report from The Verge, journalists across various parts of the United States and even in countries outside of the US found that when they typed the word “Chrome” into the Edge browser, an answer that resembled Bing Chat AI was generated instead. This response had nothing to do with Chrome, but instead, it was a question about a must-have search.

microsoft bing ai bot results

Accompanying this response was an ad for Bing, which was titled “Bing: The Search Engine That’s More Than Just Search.”

Microsoft appears to have made the decision to display ads for Bing with AI search answers when users search for “Chrome” using Edge. This is not a typical or regular search result.

When asked about these AI chat search results, Microsoft’s Product Marketing Director, Jason Fischel, responded by indicating that they often experiment with new features, user experiences, and behaviours to test, learn, and improve the overall customer experience.

Fischel also noted that these tests are often short and not necessarily indicative of what will be the final outcome or widely available to customers.

Following the publication of the report, Fischel issued another statement, stating that Microsoft had removed the ad and that

“the experience is no longer an intermittent ad.”

Although this specific interaction with Bing search has been turned off, it demonstrates that Microsoft is continuously experimenting with more potential ways to promote or advertise Bing search.

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Microsoft’s ‘Bing Chat AI’ Responds to Edge Browser Users’ Query for ‘Chrome’ With Bing Ads

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