Microsoft Edge Browser to get custom theme colours, reduced memory consumption and more!

Microsoft’s attempts to better this browser are leading to great changes!

A popular tech publication Windows Latest reported that Microsoft has finally confirmed that it has added a new experimental tab sleep or freeze function to Chromium Edge. This function is officially called “sleep tab”, it allows you to temporarily dismiss the opened tab, and then automatically resume after a certain period of time you configure.

This feature is currently available in the Beta version. If you are tired of resource-consuming web browsers, then this feature is perfect for you. It was first introduced in Chromium 79, and now it will come to the Microsoft Edge browser with an improved mechanism to reduce the extensive use of memory, CPU and battery resources on the desktop.

Tabs that have been in the background will be frozen, and Microsoft said it will close background tasks. We have come to know that this can reduce your Windows 10 memory usage by 32%, CPU usage by 37%, and can also increase the battery life of your device.

microsoft edge browser memory consumption improvement

It should be noted that performance improvement also depends on configuration and usage. However, Microsoft’s feedback data shows that early testers have observed a significant drop in resource and battery usage.

In addition, there is an exception for playing audio and video. In other words, when the screen is recording or the video/audio is actively playing, Microsoft Edge will not freeze your background tabs.

To use this feature, you need to install the Chromium Edge Beta version and enable the feature from the settings. You can also change the settings and choose when the tab will go to sleep-immediately, after a few minutes, one hour, two hours or more.

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Microsoft is also aware of a problem that when you restore some websites after they go to sleep, they may not work. In order to resolve potential compatibility issues, Microsoft Edge will automatically detect these sites and prevent tabs from going to sleep.

Microsoft Edge’s performance upgrades, new Fluent Design design, Touch UI adjustments and other improvements will be rolled out to users in the first half of 2021.

The new version of Edge browser based on Chromium also introduces the theme function, which is currently being tested in the Canary version.

microsoft edge browser new theme

The two giants are currently working on improving the official black theme (night mode), but Microsoft has now begun to introduce a new feature that can help users create a new look of their own in the Edge browser. This feature is expected to accompany the “vertical label” in Edge 88 or 89.

Compared with the traditional theme that needs to be changed in the Chromium browser, the new “Theme Picker” can support adjusting the colour scheme of the browser.

microsoft edge change colour theme

We understand that Microsoft has added this feature to Edge Canary, but it requires users to manually enable it in the flags menu.

  1. Launch Microsoft Edge Canary browser
  2. Open edge://flags/#edge–color–theme–picker or search for this feature directly in flags
  3. Set this feature to enable
  4. Restart the browser

After restarting the browser, open the browser settings “Appearance”, a new “Theme Colors” section will appear below the “Customize” function area, and users can freely select the desired colour theme.

So guys, do you still use Google Chrome browser or Microsoft’s Edge browser? Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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Microsoft Edge Browser to get custom theme colours, reduced memory consumption and more!

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