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Microsoft to hold an educational event on November 10th!

Microsoft expected to hold an educational event on November 10th and is expected to launch a low-priced version of Surface Laptop SE!


Microsoft will hold an education-focused event at 9 am on November 9, 2021, Pacific Eastern time (around 9:30 PM on November 10, Indian standard time), and will share the latest educational technology, which is most probably a low-cost device.

Microsoft officials said that the event will elaborate the opinions of some partners, school leaders and special guests, and bring to everyone Microsoft’s existing and new technologies in education.

microsoft education reimagine event

We have learned that, according to Windows Central reports, Microsoft will launch low-cost laptops for the education market. According to the news, this new Surface notebook is codenamed Tenjin, has an all-plastic design, 1366×768 11.6-inch display, equipped with Intel Celeron N4120 processor and up to 8GB of memory. This is an unmodified laptop designed to reduce costs as much as possible and is manufactured for use by students in a classroom environment. The device also has a full-size keyboard and touchpad, a USB-A port, a USB-C port, a headphone jack, and a charging port.

microsoft new surface laptops for education

Tenjin marks the beginning of Microsoft’s new K-12 education strategy. In addition to the new hardware, Microsoft is also preparing to launch a new version of Windows 11 called ” Windows 11 SE”, specifically for low-cost school computers like Tenjin. The focus of the “Windows 11 SE” SKU is to specifically optimize, adjust and function for educational institutions that deploy low-end hardware.

It is reported that Tenjin may be launched under the Surface Laptop brand, and may be called “Laptop SE” to match the installed version of Windows 11 SE. It is currently not sure what “SE” represents, but it is guessed that it means “student version” or “school version”. Either way, Tenjin will be positioned under the Surface Laptop Go, which starts at $549 and is a more advanced device.

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