Microsoft GitHub Copilot Enterprise Edition Officially Launched

Priced at USD 39 per Person per Month

Reports dated February 28 indicate that GitHub, a platform for developers under Microsoft’s ownership, has made its generative AI service, GitHub Copilot Enterprise, accessible to all its enterprise clients.

The forthcoming availability of GitHub Copilot Enterprise was initially disclosed by the firm in December. GitHub elaborated in a blog entry on the distinctions between the newly released enterprise variant and the previously launched standard GitHub Copilot and GitHub Copilot Business services in December.

A notable distinction is the customization of GitHub Copilot Enterprise to address queries specific to the code and knowledge bases of individual enterprises.

Microsoft GitHub Copilot Enterprise Edition

Moreover, GitHub Copilot Enterprise offers support for descriptions and summaries of pull requests, alongside chat assistance for general queries related to coding.

The Enterprise Edition’s inclusion of support for Microsoft’s Bing search engine was also highlighted by GitHub.

This feature, still in beta, is offered to subscribers, providing them with the most current software and coding insights. The pricing for GitHub Copilot Enterprise is set at US$39 per individual monthly (Editor’s note: equivalent to approximately 281 yuan currently).

Furthermore, GitHub disclosed outcomes from a six-month joint effort with Accenture involving the Copilot tool.

According to the findings, among the 450 Accenture developers utilizing GitHub Copilot, 94% reported a reduction in time spent on repetitive tasks, and 90% observed they required less time for project information retrieval.

Notably, GitHub continues to provide a personal Copilot service at $10 monthly or $100 annually, including a complimentary trial period. GitHub Business users are charged $19 per individual each month.

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Microsoft GitHub Copilot Enterprise Edition Officially Launched

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