Microsoft Announces ID@Xbox Gaming Showcase Featuring Indie Titles like ‘Sinterburg Saga’

Explore the upcoming ID@Xbox event showcasing independent games including ‘Sinterburg Saga’, a scenic RPG adventure.

Microsoft announced that they will host the next ID@Xbox game showcase in collaboration with IGN on April 29, 10 PM Pacific Time (April 30, 1 AM Beijing Time).

This event will not only release game trailers and gameplay but will also introduce new details about upcoming games such as “Sinterburg Saga,” “33 Immortals,” and “Lost Records Bloom & Rage.”

The Legend of Sinterberg game

“Sinterburg Saga” is an action-adventure RPG developed by Microbird Games, set to release in the third quarter of this year. The game is set in a fictional tourist hotspot in the Austrian Alps, filled with dungeons.

Players will control Luisa, a law intern tired of her hectic corporate life, as she embarks on a journey to conquer the dungeons of Sinterburg. The game supports Chinese language.

33 immortals gameplay

“33 Immortals” is an action Roguelike cooperative game supporting up to 33 players, developed by Thunder Lotus Games. Players will assume the roles of defiant sinners fighting against divine judgment, teaming up to defeat massive hordes of monsters and formidable bosses in pursuit of eternal life.

Lost Records Bloom & Rage game

“Lost Records Bloom & Rage” is a narrative adventure by DON’T NOD, the creators of the “Life is Strange” series. The game revolves around four high school friends, Swann, Nora, Autumn, and Kat, whose strong bonds formed during a transformative summer in 1995.

Decades later, these friends reunite to confront deep-seated secrets they had vowed to never discuss.

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Microsoft Announces ID@Xbox Gaming Showcase Featuring Indie Titles like ‘Sinterburg Saga’

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