Microsoft Invests $3.3 Billion in AI Data Center in Wisconsin

President Biden announces Microsoft’s $3.3 billion investment in a new AI data center in Wisconsin, revitalizing the failed Foxconn site and aiming to create thousands of jobs.

May 8, 2024, according to The Verge, today President Biden will travel to Racine, Wisconsin, to announce a $3.3 billion investment by Microsoft in establishing an artificial intelligence data center in the state.

The site selected for this data center is where the earlier Foxconn project was abandoned.

According to a White House press release, this investment is part of the Biden administration’s “Invest in America” plan.

Microsoft stated that the project is expected to create 2,300 construction jobs and, once completed, up to 2,000 data center jobs.

The company plans to implement a four-part strategy designed to bring long-term benefits to the state’s economy and job market.

microsoft develops new ai center in wisconsin

The White House announced that Microsoft will also establish an artificial intelligence innovation lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee and set up a “Data Center Academy” at Gateway Technical College. Biden’s announcement at Gateway

Technical College plans for the Data Center Academy to provide skills training in data center operations and STEM fields to 1,000 community members by 2030.

The goal for the AI lab is to collaborate with 270 Wisconsin companies by 2030. Microsoft also plans to partner with United Way to train over 100,000 people across the state in generative AI technologies.

In 2017, former President Trump announced that tech giant Foxconn would build a large LCD manufacturing facility in the high-unemployment town of Mount Pleasant, promising innovation centers in Racine, Eau Claire, and Green Bay, and creating 13,000 new jobs. Trump called it the “eighth wonder of the world.”

However, most of these promises were never fulfilled, and years later, the project has completely failed.

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Reports indicate that Foxconn’s plan to build a megafactory in Wisconsin has fallen through, and even basic infrastructure construction remains unfinished.

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Microsoft Invests $3.3 Billion in AI Data Center in Wisconsin

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