Industry Downturn Sparks Layoffs at Meta and Microsoft Yet Again!

On July 13th, it was reported that both Meta and Microsoft have carried out significant layoffs over the past year, causing widespread sorrow. According to official US data, both companies will continue to lay off employees in the coming months.

Based on the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) issued by state governments in the US, Microsoft will be laying off employees in its headquarters in Washington State and California.

california warn laws provisions

The company has notified authorities in Washington state that it will be laying off 300 employees in early August and early September, including those at its headquarters in Redmond and Bellevue.

Additionally, Microsoft’s California office has also informed authorities that it plans to lay off two employees in early August.

It is unclear whether these layoffs are part of Microsoft’s previously announced plan to cut 10,000 jobs. According to Microsoft, the company’s streamlining plan for the beginning of the year was completed in March and these layoffs are a regular workforce adjustment in response to strategic goals and to support customers and the business.

Despite these layoffs, Microsoft is still recruiting for various positions in many of its offices around the world.

Meta’s New York office is also scheduled to lay off thousands of employees in July and August.

According to official information from New York, Meta will cut 340 and 550 positions on July 21st and August 25th, respectively. These two rounds of layoffs will reduce the number of local Meta employees in New York by about 15%.

warn layoff data

According to statistics from the WARN website, Microsoft California has laid off a small number of employees from March to July this year, totaling about 100 employees.

Meanwhile, Washington State has laid off nearly 1,300 employees in the first half of the year, and Meta has also laid off dozens of employees in California during the same period.

Image source: WARN Data

Amidst the ongoing economic downturn, it is clear that large technology companies are facing significant challenges.

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Industry Downturn Sparks Layoffs at Meta and Microsoft Yet Again!

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