Microsoft Contemplates Switching to Arm CPU for Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

According to some Leaked Documents

Reports from September 20 and newly disclosed court documents reveal that Microsoft’s game console, codenamed “Brooklin,” and its accompanying controller, known as “Ellewood,” have been leaked online. zero microsoft to one microsoftFurthermore, the leaked documents indicate that Microsoft initially intended to shift toward Arm CPU technology. The current Xbox Series X console utilizes AMD’s RDNA 2 architecture for its GPU and Zen 2 architecture for its CPU.

However, according to internal documents, Microsoft is exploring a redesign that would transition the CPU to ARM64, while maintaining the existing x64 (Zen6) architecture.

microsoft hybrid compute Although Zen6 won’t be available in the near future, the documents mention the possibility of incorporating both large and small cores. Additionally, AMD is collaborating with Microsoft to create a Navi5-based GPU. microsoft xbox timeline future

As previously reported, the Brooklin game console features a distinctive cylindrical design and lacks an optical drive. Confidential documents obtained by Microsoft confirm that the console offers up to 2TB of storage capacity, powers via a USB-C interface, and includes a revamped game controller designed to enhance player immersion.

microsoft next gen xbox consoles

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Microsoft Contemplates Switching to Arm CPU for Next-Gen Xbox Consoles

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