Microsoft Phi-3-vision: New AI Benchmark Leader

Discover Microsoft’s new Phi-3-vision AI model, rivaling Claude 3-haiku and Gemini 1.0 Pro in benchmarks, now available on Hugging Face.

Microsoft Phi-3-vision Benchmark: Comparable to Claude 3-haiku and Gemini 1.0 Pro

On May 28, Microsoft unveiled the latest member of the Phi-3 family, the Phi-3-vision, at the Build 2024 conference. This model focuses on “visual capabilities,” understanding both text and images and is designed for efficient operation on mobile platforms.

The Phi-3-vision is a multimodal small language model (SLM) with 4.2 billion parameters and a context length of 128k tokens, supporting regular visual reasoning tasks and other functions. Microsoft published a new paper today stating that this SLM matches models like Claude 3-haiku and Gemini 1.0 Pro.

microsoft phi 3 vision benchmarks

In their paper, Microsoft compared Phi-3-vision with models like ScienceQA, MathVista, and ChartQA. Despite having fewer parameters, Phi-3-vision performs exceptionally well.

Previous reports highlighted comparisons between Phi-3-vision and other models such as ByteDance’s Llama3-Llava-Next (8B), the Microsoft Research and University of Wisconsin, Columbia University collaboration LlaVA-1.6 (7B), and Alibaba’s QWEN-VL-Chat model, showcasing Phi-3-vision’s strong performance in various tasks.

Microsoft has uploaded this model to Hugging Face, inviting interested users to visit the project page for more information.

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Microsoft Phi-3-vision: New AI Benchmark Leader

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