Microsoft Plans New Xbox Layoffs, Price Hike for Game Pass

Microsoft considers new layoffs and a price increase for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, amidst concerns over cost and revenue impacts.

Microsoft’s recent closure of multiple Bethesda studios has garnered widespread attention from players, media, and developers.

The latest news reveals that Microsoft’s Xbox division is contemplating a new round of layoffs as part of a significant “cost-cutting” initiative.

Jason Schreier from Bloomberg has reported that several employees at ZeniMax received voluntary severance packages this week.

Microsoft plans

Moreover, there is internal discussion at Microsoft about another round of layoffs, though it remains unclear which studios and employees will be affected. The possibility of including “Call of Duty” in the Xbox Game Pass is under debate, with some executives concerned about potential revenue loss.

Discussions are also ongoing about raising the price of the Game Pass Ultimate service. The current pricing is already considered high, and further increases could lead to negative feedback from users.

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Microsoft Plans New Xbox Layoffs, Price Hike for Game Pass

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