Microsoft Quick Assist: Security Breach Exploited by Hackers

Learn how Microsoft’s Quick Assist has been compromised, allowing hackers to conduct phishing and ransomware attacks

Microsoft’s Built-in “Quick Assist” App in Windows 10/11 was recently Exploited by Hackers for Phishing and Ransomware Attacks!

Quick Assistant

As of May 16, 2024, the security firm Rapid7 has reported that Microsoft’s built-in “Quick Assist” app in Windows operating systems has been exploited by hackers.


The attackers first gather information on victims, bombard their emails with spam, and then pose as security professionals over the phone, tricking users into initiating remote communication via the built-in software.

The hackers, potentially members of the ransomware group Black Basta, have been exploiting this feature since mid-April, persuading victims to press CTRL+Win+Q to launch “Quick Assist” and enter a security code.

Once in control, the attackers download batch files or ZIP archives using cURL commands, deploying tools such as ScreenConnect, NetSupport Manager, the QBot malware, penetration testing tool Cobalt Strike, and various ransomware.

microsoft windows

In some instances, they establish SSH tunnels using OpenSSH to maintain access within victims’ networks.

“Quick Assist” was introduced by Microsoft to facilitate remote technical support but has now become a tool for cybercriminals to conduct sophisticated attacks.

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Microsoft Quick Assist: Security Breach Exploited by Hackers

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