Microsoft Unveils GPT-4o with Enhanced Features and Lower Costs

Discover Microsoft’s new AI model, GPT-4o: faster, more affordable, and capable of processing extensive data seamlessly.

OpenAI has released its latest flagship AI model, GPT-4o, which boasts significant improvements over its predecessors.

The GPT-4o model offers double the speed and a 50% reduction in cost, with the price for processing one million tokens now reduced to $7.

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It can handle up to ten million tokens per minute and has a context window of 128K with knowledge up to October 2023. Microsoft has introduced a preview of GPT-4o through its Azure OpenAI services.

GPT-4o is capable of seamlessly managing text, images, and audio, enhancing user interaction by providing a more immersive experience. Initially, the model supports text and image processing, with plans to extend capabilities to audio and video in future updates.

Users in certain regions of the United States can access an early preview of GPT-4o through the Azure OpenAI Studio. Microsoft will share more details about GPT-4o and its AI services at the upcoming Build 2024 conference.

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Microsoft Unveils GPT-4o with Enhanced Features and Lower Costs

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