Microsoft Will Bring AI Features to Windows 11

Microsoft is working on smart app snapping

Microsoft is going to make full use of the multibillion-dollar investment it made in OpenAI. They are working hard to integrate AI into their products. As we recently saw Microsoft introducing a new Chat GPT Powered Bing. This is not just it, they are also planning to launch a new version of Edge browser with a new AI-powered sidebar. Next, Microsoft is setting Windows to get AI enhancements in the next couple of years. One thing that Microsoft thinks AI will improve is the app snapping experience using Windows Snap Assist.

Microsoft is planning to integrate AI with new smart snapping features that will enhance snapping works on Windows 11. They will include features such as remembering snapping layouts for certain app groups. Later users can restore snap layouts with a single click. Moreover, they are adding OCR technology to enable searching in the suggestion view.

Source: Zac Bowden at Windows Central

This is an excellent idea for frequent multitaskers. At the Present, users have to reset snap layouts every time they close the apps or restart their PC. With this feature, they could quickly restore a particular structure.

Additionally, incorporating OCR technology into the snap suggestions interface would be a significant improvement in the time it takes to find a running app to snap side by side. By searching for a remembered word, phrase, or image, users could locate the desired webpage or app more efficiently, even if the search term is not included in the title.

It’s unclear when these features will be ready as more features like this are planned by Microsoft. With the company’s partnership with OpenAI, AI is going to be front and centre of many Microsoft products going forward.

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Microsoft Will Bring AI Features to Windows 11

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