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Microsoft Windows 10 20H1 Preview is removing the older Edge browser!

Microsoft may finally be getting rid of the failed Edge browser!


Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge browser debuted on Windows 10 in April this year. Soon, it appeared on the macOS system a month later. Now it has recently landed on Windows 7. Microsoft also regularly updates the new features and improvements of the Edge browser based on Chromium.

Personally we at Inspire2rise having been using this browser since past some time and the RAM management and handling of multiple tabs etc. are much better on this one when compared to Chrome.

Microsoft Windows 10 20h1 preview code changes

microsoft edge browser phase out from windows

Microsoft has not revealed when it plans to remove or replace the old Edge browser in Windows 10. But it seems now that Microsoft has prompted in the Windows 10 20H1 preview version to initiate the removal plan.

microsoft windows 10 20h1 preview code

According to the entries in Windows 10 20H1 Build 18936, Microsoft has begun to make new changes to hide the old Edge browser when installing the Chromium version of Edge. A new entry called “HideUwpEdgeFromAppListIfWin32EdgePresent” was found in Windows 10 20H1. This feature can be enabled via the third-party tool Mach2. But it doesn’t have any effect right now.

The entry name indicates that Windows 10 will automatically remove or hide the UWP/Classic Edge browser when you install the Chromium version of Edge. This entry may be the basic information for replacing the original Edge with a new Edge. 

Personally, we would welcome such a change with open arms. This is also because of the fact that the original version of the Edge browser doesn’t actually work that well with slow internet connections and doesn’t have pre-rendering as good as Chromium-based web browsers.

The Windows 10 20H1 system will be available in early 2020. And the new Edge browser should be stable enough when the next generation of Microsoft OS is ready for deployment.

Microsoft’s new Edge browser is available in the Canary and Dev branches. But right now no official or stable version is currently available.

So, guys, have you tested the Chromium engine based Edge browser as of yet? If no then do go on and test it and finally post your thoughts in the comments below!

The wars of the Internet browsers have taken a new turn now. Will anyone ever be able to replace Google Chrome? Only time can answer that question. Till then keep coming to Inspire2rise for more saucy tech leaks and updates!

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