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Microsoft Windows 10 to receive major updates and visual overhaul!

The future of the dominant computing Operating system is Windows 10 20H1 and Windows 10X!


There’s some news For Windows 10, Microsoft seems to have a grand development plan, but at present, many new features of Windows 10 and Surface’s new hardware are still a big picture let to be unveiled.

microsoft windows 10 new update

Microsoft has been developing an easier way for the upcoming Windows 10 feature update. As part of the new approach, Microsoft will make major changes to the Windows Insider “Quick Preview” channel.

Going forward, a quick preview will get a new version through the RS_PRERELEASE channel, and the changes contained in this channel will have no release date. In other words, Microsoft will share the latest ideas and new features with the public, but some features may not be part of the next major feature update released publicly.

On the other hand, the slow preview will only include features that will be part of the next public feature update. This approach allows Microsoft to talk about the future of Windows without having to commit to a specific release schedule.

It is expected that in the next few weeks or months, Microsoft will begin testing new features and new ideas that may not be officially launched in 2020.

Windows 10 20H1 and Windows 10X

At this point, Windows 10 20H1 is the next feature update, and it is reported that RTM was completed in December 2019. Windows 10 20H1 is currently scheduled to land in the spring of 2020. There are rumours that Microsoft has started testing Windows 10 20H2 and will release it in the second half of 2020.

microsoft windows 10 latest update

In terms of new software, Microsoft is actively developing Windows 10X for Surface Neo and other dual-screen PCs. The Windows 10X system may be completed in mid-2020 and may be completed together with the official version of Windows 10 20H2.

microsoft windows 10x

Changes included in Windows 10 20H2 will become part of Windows 10X, but Microsoft may not include it in the desktop version.

Currently, Microsoft is only pushing Windows 10X to dual-screen PC devices, but Microsoft is also preparing a new Windows 10 operating system for traditional laptops.

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