Microsoft Windows 10 to fully support Android apps in the future!

So would it finally be easier to have a multi device workflow on Windows?

After abandoning the Astoria project, Microsoft is looking for a new way to bring Android apps to Win10. The current mature solution is to use “Your Phone” to control three or less Android apps installed on the phone on the PC.

Earlier, it was reported that Microsoft had secretly started the Project Latte program, which would allow developers to package Android apps into MSIX format and use Windows Subsystem for Linux to support the operation.

According to the latest leaks and news, the project is progressing in an orderly fashion, and the first preview version integrating this function is expected to be delivered in the second half of the year. In order to ensure the compatibility of native Android applications, Microsoft also plans to replace Google APIs with Windows APIs as much as possible.

However, some developers pointed out that applications such as Gmail, Photos, and Play Store that completely rely on the integration of Google Play Services will not work on Windows 10.

windows stay in flow android apps support

So what do you think? Would Microsoft try to integrate nicely with GMS or would they try and make sure that everything works as smoothly as a Windows native application? Do let us know your thoughts on the same development in the comments section below! Feel free to subscribe to our channel for more timely tech content and more!

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Microsoft Windows 10 to fully support Android apps in the future!

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